Dean De Benedictis – Salvaging the Present


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1.To the End of Elations 08:29
2.Micro Souls Anthem 08:18
3.Pagoda Tiempo 09:36
4.Never the Sacred Stretch 07:58
5.Night Arch 07:51
6.Blue Mesa 06:57
7.The Purity of Season 279E 08:25
8.Whisper Country 06:24
9.Regret In G (The Sky Remembers) 06:02

Bending the walls of experimental electronic-ambient music, Dean De Benedictis creates a bold tapestry of sonic vibrancy on Salvaging The Present. Through the creative use of musical instruments and sound design tools, De Benedictis scores an emotionally deep, aesthetically appealing and technologically sophisticated triumph, blending organic and electronic expressions into a compelling panorama of music and sound.

Vowel-based arpeggios and pulsing sequences modulate with abstract yet mesmerizing rhythms, clearly defining a distinctive sound that is deeply rooted in De Benedictis’ unorthodox technique of blending vocal samples with percussion hits. Added to that are many other elements – both electronic and acoustic – as De Benedictis rounds out the mix with his own performances on concert flute, grand piano, guitar, harmonica, hand percussion, cedar flutes, and voice, as well as contributions from Percy Jones (bass), Alexey Gorokholinskiy (clarinet), Peter Ludwig (cello, and voice), Lisa Claire Mitterer (vocals), D’Von Charley (native flute), Jim Goetsch (sax), and Angelo Elonte (violin).

Rendering his sonic travels through realms of mystery, stillness and spirit, De Benedicits delivers fresh investigations into the environment of music and sound; an environment where electronic wizardry and acoustic dexterity combine with samples, effects and processing, resulting in a distinctive artistry that is truly unique. From the vibrant and energetic rhythms that propel the atmosphere onward, to the lush blankets of sound that wash over everything and give way to a delicate tranquility, the music of Salvaging The Present does indeed roll gracefully through the present moment, always evolving, and moving ever forward.

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