Deborah Martin – Deep roots, hidden water


Released: 1999 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. Haunted By Water [3:45]
  2. A Dark And Silent Place [2:45]
  3. Deep Roots, Hidden Water [3:46]
  4. One Sun [4:23]
  5. Crossing Plateau [5:51]
  6. Blue Lake [7:04]
  7. The Strength Of Stones [4:53]MP3 soundclip of Strength of stones [1:03]
  8. Voices On The Rim [9:27]
  9. The Brilliance Of Stars [4:15]
  10. Across Sky [3:19]

Whispery melodies are woven into lush, haunting chordal movements

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1 review for Deborah Martin – Deep roots, hidden water

  1. Lady Elaine / USA

    Ethereal, dark, brooding..this work has such forces and so much more…I was taken by its ambience and depth…you feel the water beneath the earth…you can sense the way the air smells, the way the stones feel in your hand..this was a journey that is one to remember..sit back, turn down the lights,light one candle…turn up the speakers…and drift into ages past….as a cold sun rose upon the horizon..after a deep and mysterious sleep in the dark caves of the Soul….this CD is a must have…and again, Deborah Martin has won my heart…..such enchantment deserves so much more recognition.

    2003. Lady Elaine / USA

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