Detlef Keller – Harmonic steps


Released: 2005 By Manikin Records

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    CD 1 – Electronic Steps:

  1. Electronic Step 1 [7:34]MP3 soundclip of Electronic step 1 [3:00]
  2. Electronic Step 2 [11:17]
  3. Electronic Step 3 [11:47]
  4. Electronic Step 4 [9:38]
  5. Electronic Step 5 [23:08]
  6. Electronic Step 6 [10:17]
    CD 2 – Piano Steps:

  1. Piano Step 1 [4:14]
  2. Piano Step 2 [4:50]
  3. Piano Step 3 [5:21]
  4. Piano Step 4 [6:27]
  5. Piano Step 5 [7:10]
  6. Piano Step 6 [9:20]
  7. Piano Step 7 [6:31]
  8. Piano Step 8 [9:56]
  9. Piano Step 9 [5:12]
  10. Last Step [3:56]

CD1=retro, CD2=solo piano with horns and soft percussion

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Weight 150 g

2 x CD



2 reviews for Detlef Keller – Harmonic steps

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Dating back to ‘Ways of the Rainbow’, Detlef Keller has always had a more romantic side that occasionally surfaces in his electronic music. On Harmonic Steps, Keller allows himself to fully explore that side of his creativity, as disc one is called Electronic Steps and disc two is called Piano Steps.

    Lets look at disc two first. After a brief solo piano introduction, Piano Step 2 includes horns and soft percussion. It sounds like soundtrack music, but keep in mind that Tangerine Dream made some very good soundtrack albums. Detlef has always shown a knack with melody and that is on full display here.
    The third movement is much more active, and for a moment I think of Elton John, not a bad thing really. Once it takes off it is much more traditional EM, with steady beats and some synth backing to go along with the piano, a very catchy tune indeed. After that, Keller abandons the piano for a few tracks and its mostly mellow synth-based stuff, culminating in the dreamy tones of Piano Step 8 before returning to piano as the centerpiece for the ending.
    If you prefer your EM pure, then pop in disc one and immediately groove to the sequencing and rhythms of Electronic Step 1 with cool choirs and other elements of the retro style. The lead synth reminds me a lot of the opening track on Klaus Schulzes classic X disc. Disc one is upbeat and peppy throughout, although it turns more calm and reflective on the 23-minute Step 5

    Its a tale of two discs, both with plenty of worthy moments to savor.

    2006. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2005 features 137 minutes of gripping electronic music.
    CD 1 features 74 minutes of Electronic Steps” which exhibit dazzling scope and sonic emotion. Electronics and e-perc conspire under Keller‘s direction to generate a lavish series of engrossing tunes

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