Dom F. Scab – About a tree

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Released: 2003 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Birth of Tree
  2. Urban GraffitiMP3 soundclip of Urban Graffiti [3:00]
  3. Blurred Dusk
  4. Technical ShapesMP3 soundclip of Technical Shapes [3:00]
  5. Incineration Works
  6. Micro Life Structure
  7. Old ProphecyMP3 soundclip of Old Prophecy [3:00]
  8. Abandoned Places
  9. Eternal Tree

In typical Scab style

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5 reviews for Dom F. Scab – About a tree

  1. Jorge Munnshe / Spain

    With his growlingly recognizable style, synthesist Dom F. Scab creates amazingly impressive orchestrations of synthesizers with which he develops very expressive melodies and wondrous rhythms. His use of sequencers, far from the so frequent traits in so many musicians, makes of rhythmic structures an inseparable component of the very architecture of melodies.
    This, together with his excellent natural skills to imprint constant variations in all the elements that constitute the structure of the compositions, including the rhythmic sequences.
    About a tree” is a superb album

  2. Carl Jenkinson / UK

    Spanish musician Scab has certainly not been resting on his laurels since the success of his Facta” album

  3. Jim Brenholts / USA

    Pablo Magne and his art serve as the inspiration for About a Tree, a heavy CD by Dom F. Scab.

    These nine compositions follow Pablo’s vision of a hypothetical future, (sad and hopeful) at the same time.
    Dom balances his style between the straight Berlin school and the modern European styles of electronica. While he does not stray far from sequencing, he blends deep atmospheres and heavy drones. The balance and segues are smoothe.

    2004. Jim Brenholts / USA

  4. Roel Steverink / NL

    Dom F. Scab is a hard worker, and after his splendid Facta theres already a new one.
    About a Tree is inspired by the audiovisual paintings of Pablo Magne, which portray a hypothetical future. Immediately after hearing the galloping sequencers in Birth of Tree”

  5. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    Dom F. Scab has obviously been heavily influenced by the post-kosmische musik contemporary electronic sequencer music that emerged during the 1980’s. Music of this era brimmed with optimism and energy as a generation of artists swept onto the scene, embracing new technology while emulating and complementing their idols – taking the genre beyond cliche with artistic expectations met and often exceeded. On About A Tree (65’57)

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