Dom F. Scab – Analogical confessions

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Released: 2002 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. After secrets [6:31]MP3 soundclip of After secrets [2:59]
  2. Insomnia [8:18]
  3. Materia Obscura [3:19]
  4. Navigating lights [6:38]
  5. Procesos [12:34]MP3 soundclip of Procesos [2:59]
  6. Alien advice [2:48]
  7. Cuerpos celestes [8:28]MP3 soundclip of Cuerpos celestes [2:59]
  8. 2000 kms [5:27]

A true homage to sequencing

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5 reviews for Dom F. Scab – Analogical confessions

  1. Stefania Carezzoli / 21st century Music Magazine

    New incredible album for this great Spanish musician. 8 tracks full of a total immersion of electronic music, rich of those sounds that go inside the soul, to show again how much music can be a new breath for the listener. Scab gives a perfect result of his style, curing with all his love for EM every passage and changing of sounds… Wonderful the choice of the piano to complete parts of fabulous vibrations that play with touches of percussions. Advised to everyone for a travel where the mind is free to use the fantasy with the memories of that electronic almost lost in the past, but still alive in this artist and who, like him, continues to love and to look for and to look forward. A very good Scab, which style is always better and full of incredible emotions. Great!!!

    2002. Stefania Carezzoli / 21st century Music Magazine

  2. Matt Howarth

    This 2002 release delivers 58 minutes of strong electronic music from Spain. Coming from the group AT-Mooss, Scab has also worked with John Lakveet and Albert Gimenez.Scab’s style of electronic music owes deep roots to that of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, but he has forged ahead, molding these retro traditions into a modern and melodic sound that is simultaneously mellow and energetic. Sequencer rolls combine with languid E-perc (often with densely synthesized notes functioning as the percussive impact) to produce tune age that shimmers with lively keyboard riffs and intricate textures. While twinkling electronics establish a foundation of cosmic definition, atmospheric tones give way to pulsing chords that build into dynamic (but not aggressive) passages of celestial grandeur. The melodic nature found here is quite engaging. Tracks are not overly long,resulting in a compression that increases the appeal of each composition. Encompassing organic and hard science inspiration, this music celebrates a union of these elements. As shown on the cover art, a tree leaf hooked up to micro circuitry can reveal commonality between these two realms, presenting our world view into a unified sonic expression.

    2002. Matt Howarth

  3. Sonic Curiosity

    This 54 minute release from 2002 delivers dynamic and entertaining electronic music by Spanish Scab, whose style has evolved from the Berlin School into a uniquely cosmic realm of its own.
    Complex keyboards establish a foundation that expands with a versatile range of synthetic sounds. Heavenly airs conspire with grand majesty, punctuated by impressive riffs that drive the audience far beyond ambience into an energized zone of pulsating melodies. Rich patterns become laced with temperate E-perc that adds strong rhythm to the compelling electronic harmonies. An element of frenzy is present in this music, barely sedated by dynamic sequences that leave the listener infused with stamina. Gurgling electronics achieve an edge of mystery amid these surging sentiments, creating dynamic music glowing with awe and esteem.
    Blending high-end with deep bass, Scab‘s compositions are a superb example of controlled enthusiasm. His use of cyclic repetition becomes immersed in a bevy of innovative hooks, littering the melody with mercurial components.
    The repetition becomes lost in the flurry of fresh sonic factors, resulting in energetic riffs that conspire smoothly to form dazzling passages of lush proportion and accomplishment.

    2002. Sonic Curiosity

  4. Christian / Per

    Es bueno, me gusta mucho los sonidos dispersos que se mueven por dentro, elucubro relajado con la musica.

    2006. Christian / Per

  5. Paul Rijkens

    Analogical Confessions” is the eagerly awaited new album of the Spanish electronic musician Dom. F. Scab and his second on the Groove-label after the critically acclaimed “Binary Secrets” from 2001.
    Doms music has deep roots in the retro/Berlin School style the masters played in the good-old days but he has the ability to combine the influences from that time with a totally own approach and look at things. Yes

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