Dom F. Scab – Binary secrets

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Released: 2001 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Zero and one [4:34]MP3 soundclip of Zero and one [3:01]
  2. Cause & effect [5:30]
  3. Signos [6:07]
  4. Zinc [6:29]MP3 soundclip of Zinc [3:00]
  5. The unpredictable device [6:06]
  6. Difficult encounter [2:41]
  7. Crazy trigonometry [6:38]
  8. Shunt [4:25]
  9. Secrets [10:17]MP3 soundclip of Secrets [3:00]
  10. The peaches are skiing in the shade [5:03]

Great sequences and analog feelings

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4 reviews for Dom F. Scab – Binary secrets

  1. Paul Rijkens

    When electronic music from Spain comes to our ears then its most likely from a high quality. Take Neuronium and Max Corbacho.
    Binary Secrets” marks Dom F. Scabs debut on the Groove-label but he has already made quite a name. With the band AT-Mooss he produced a trio of CDs called “Morphing Synthesizers” (I

  2. DL

    Here we have Dom’s second solo CD (the first being ‘Innerseed’) and again it shows strong Tangerine Dream influences.

    We get straight into a vast stabbing sequence on the opener ‘Zero and One’. Another one joins it as we hurtle along in fantastic Schmoelling period TD style. I can’t over emphasise just how good this track really is. Its wonderfully powerful and yet also infectious stuff that is impossible to sit still to. The changes in tempo and sequence are all handled masterfully. It’s a wonderful slab of pure brilliance! ‘Cause & Effect’ has a floating beginning but it isn’t long before another great sequence appears but its in the melody department where this number is most impressive. ‘Signos’ is another exciting track using a fast high register sequence to underpin another lovely thick bass laden one. It motors along beautifully in a more 70’s TD style to the previous tracks and there are lovely melodic motifs providing a little detail here and a little detail there. As in the earlier tracks Dom is constantly changing the pace and sequences deployed which keeps you on your toes and at times will leave you breathless- its all just fantastic stuff. ‘Zinc’ immediately gets into a cool laid back groove, the melody and rhythm almost dancing round each other. Then a guitar sounding lead line comes in and gives the piece even more attitude.

    ‘The Unpredictable Device’ is another extremely bubbly number and I am reminded of TD’s ‘Exit’ album maybe with a little ‘Hyperborea’ thrown in for good measure. ‘Difficult Encounter’ is a short but very atmospheric piece of picture music acting as a bit of a breather in the middle of the album. ‘Crazy Trigonometry’ on the other hand is back to sequencer territory, one building on top of another to make a wonderful pulsating brew. A fantastic almost bell like lead line then rings out over the top but it is gone again very quickly and the sequences are left to mutate round each other with extra detail added when it is needed, all perfectly crafted together. When the lead returns it does so at just the right time maintaining the excitement until the end. ‘Shunt’ is another bubbly energetic one with the sequences dominating. ‘Secrets’ is the longest track on the CD at ten minutes and initially I am reminded of ‘Stratosfear’ but then as things develop ‘Thief’ comes much more to mind but with a little ‘White Eagle’ as well. is another fast sequencer number with powerful synth stabs.

    As with ‘Silent Mars’ Dom has come up with a tremendously enjoyable album but like that album he tries very hard not to be over indulgent, the tracks say what they need to say then finish thus they tend to be rather short. For the next CD I would encourage him to let his hair down and let things run for a bit longer.

    2001. DL

  3. hil Derby / Sequences Magazine

    Dom is in a groove. His latest release is every bit as good as the previous two, Inner Seed and Silent Mars (with John Lakveet). This one jumps right out of the starting gate with his effusive, bubbly sequencing and light electronics. My young daughter goes do do do” along

  4. Christian / Per

    Scab good elecronic music, I remenber lemniscatas

    2006. Christian / Per

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