Dom F. Scab – Facta (mp3)


Released: 2002 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Metal bird creation (fact I)MP3 soundclip of Metal bird creation [2:59]
  2. Miracle of the flight (fact II)
  3. Message of missing birds (fact III)MP3 soundclip of Message of missing birds [2:59]
  4. Rescue of hope (fact IV)
  5. Dream of freedom (fact V)MP3 soundclip of Dream of freedom [2:59]
  6. Knowledge time (fact VI)
  7. Invitation to memory (fact VII)
  8. Universe mechanism (fact VIII)
  9. Towards the infinite (fact IX)

Analog sequencing

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7 reviews for Dom F. Scab – Facta (mp3)

  1. Paul Rijkens

    Dom F. Scab is one of the rising forces in electronic music and he only needed a short amount of years to accomplish this. His albums Binary Secrets” from 2001 and “Analogical Confessions” from 2002

  2. Neil Vanlaten / USA

    That Scab Facta album is amazing 🙂

    2003. Neil Vanlaten / USA

  3. Stefania Carezzoli

    After the experience with his albums Binary Secrets” (2001) and “Analogical Confessions” (2002)

  4. Serge Kozlovsky

    This album begins with a very violent and expressive melody which is dipping you into the world of fantasy created by a Spanish composer Dom F. Scab.
    This is the world of fancy created for great intentions and constructive deeds. This music is incredibly sweeping, there is a quality of infinity in it. An austere, pronounced melody is leading you through this whimsical world of dreaming about the better time to come…
    Dom F. Scab keeps on the best traditions of a famous Berlin school of electronic music, imbuing it with his feelings and harmonies. This music is very lively and rich. A sounding of the album is soft and at the same time extremely austere.
    Clearly recognizing details, Dom F. Scab does not lose melodism.
    One theme gives place to the other: the album is divided to nine compositions Fact I” – “IX”

  5. Jorge Munnshe / Amazing Sounds

    With an obvious mastery of electronic technology, Dom F. Scab paints convincing soundscapes that lead the listener to let imagination fly freely through the musical universe this expert composer suggests. Facta” is a impressive sonic adventure

  6. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Tight tunes, crisp sequencing, energetic pace – these have all become hallmarks of Dom F. Scab‘s sound, which more often than not conjures up images of Tangerine Dream from the mid to late 1980s, a period imitated far less than a decade or so earlier. As such, this puts Scab in sort of a niche, along with fellow Spaniard e-musician John Lakveet.
    Scab‘s themes are becoming more intricate and elaborate. Whereas before he tended to stay in the three- to five-minute range per track, this time several tracks run in the seven- to nine-minute range. And these are not merely padded, they have musical ideas that warrant the longer sonic explorations.
    Case in point is the opener, Metal Bird Creation”. About halfway in

  7. Travis Briggs

    Possessing a melodic subtlety approaching that of Vangelis, sequences that are exhilaratingly complex, and a sound palette so meticulously crafted that an almost unparalleled state of elegance is achieved, Facta is simply the best sequencer-centric album I’ve heard in a long time.

    2003. Travis Briggs

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