Drom66 – Graviter


Released: GEN CD 051 Ziemowit Poniatowski

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1. Fraktal 8:51
2. Limbus 10:46
3. Orchidea 8:29
4. Vitrum 6:42
5. Orbiter 7:09
6. Dream of Paradise 8:40

The Polish musician Roman Fleszar hides behind the nickname DROM66. I knew his earlier sessions with other musicians, published by Generator.pl, and also on this album, although it is billed as a solo album, most of the recordings are duets. The mood of the Graviter album is sublime, almost gothic, listening to this album is like wandering through the cool corridors of a castle from one spacious chamber to the next, in an atmosphere of a kind of numbness and sudden dazzles with the beauty discovered behind the bend, intensified by long-winded vocalizations and sounds stylized as a cathedral organ (as in song no. 6). There are also – track 3 – stately sequencer progressions bathed in mysterious light, ornamented with long-winded vocalizations, or, as in Orbiter, sudden eruptions of a sharp rock guitar, also soon blurring like a dream. The whole album is immersed in mainly minor keys, there is little joy in this music, the mood of abandonment, isolation, transience dominates… I must admit that for this album I played many hours of a well-known Polish video game where a white-haired boy with a ponytail and a sword wanders through dark lands and castles. and dungeons, and it fit much better than the original one. A very interesting album, it is another departure from the Berlin classics in the Generator.pl catalog, and it is a very successful attempt.

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