DVoxx – Télégraphe


Released: 2019 By DiN Records

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  1. Opera [5:37]
  2. Akalla Norr [8:15]
  3. Telegraphe [5:59]
  4. Aotou [6:50]
  5. Templehof [5:39]
  6. Akalla S�der [9:00]
  7. Dinamo [6:27]
  8. Skalka [6:28]
  9. Terminus [1:47]

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1 review for DVoxx – Télégraphe

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    For several people, including me, EM created from scratch with modular synths was the prerogative of experimental music, even abstract. Approaches have evolved over time, including the first albums of Tangerine Dream that revolutionized the genre with the mastery of Chris Franke and, later, as well as Mark Shreeve for Redshift and Arc. But more often than not, the use of modular synthesizers was synonymous with experimental visions. The DiN label tries to democratize the genre with albums such as TONE SCIENCE MODULE 1 and 2, SUBMISSION Vol. 1 and 2, as well as avant-garde artists such as Bluetech, Lyonel Bauchet, Mazmoneth, Arc and Ian Boddy himself. We must add to this list d’Voxx, a duet composed of Paul Borg and Nino Auricchio. These two musicians have a remarkable track record that has given them prestige and fame in the business, and this in different spheres of musical productions. For the last 3 years, they have been going to differen t music and sounds events, since the music is above all art for the ears, and many festivals where they have performed the main lines of TELEGRAPHE. Proposed as much in manufactured CD, to the number of 1000 copies, as well as in downloadable format, the music has a post-apocalyptic cachet with as main theme; railway stations around Europe. Each title represents a station with introductions and finales drowned in the sound effects inherent to these stations and to the operation of the wagons. TELEGRAPHE visits 9 stations over a distance of 56 minutes entirely made from modular synths and contrary to what I read, we are very far from the ambient style.

    Located in Paris, Opera” begins with the sound effects of a train coming to the station. We hear the hubbub

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