Dystopia – Second dawn


Released: 1999 By Origo Sound

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  1. Destroyer [4:37]
  2. Core melt [7:22]
  3. The chamber [3:25]
  4. Breaking news [0:29]
  5. When the wind blows [8:35]
  6. Technocracy [7:31]
  7. The dice [1:38]
  8. Shelters [5:03]
  9. Three seconds [0:30]
  10. Sands of sinai [10:34]
  11. Dark ages [0:28]
  12. The unforseen [2:32]
  13. Into the deep [10:15]
  14. The second dawn [10:54]

Intriging, eastern-like rhythmic soundscapes

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3 reviews for Dystopia – Second dawn

  1. Phil Derby / Wind and Wire

    Even before all this millenium buzz, it seems like a lot of movies and music have had apocalyptic themes. The Second Dawn” takes the end of the world seriously

  2. Paul Rijkens

    Dystopia is a Finnish duo consisting of Pertti Grnholm (synths) and Ismo Virta (guitar). Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Finland and Norway are both countries with long stretched and very lonely parts of land which inspires musicians but the music of Dystopia resembles that of Biosphere.
    The music contains a lot of thin and icey sounds. The difference is (happily) that the Fins don’t use dancerhythms and that their music sometimes is more bombastic. An example is is the great track Core Melt”. Just as with Biosphere also frequently voices and atmopheric sounds can be heard. As the cd reaches the end the sounds are getting darker like in the titletrack. Recommendable.

    1999. Paul Rijkens

  3. Lauri Petri Olavi Ranta / Finland (Suomi)

    Jehoo!! This CD is good. I know Pertti Grnholm. I even asked him to give his autograph to my Dystopia – CD and he gave. 😀

    2004. Lauri Petri Olavi Ranta / Finland (Suomi)

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