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CD1 “Salterbarty Tales”:
1. Splendored Skies And Angels 05:52
2. Serindego (including Rapid Of HU) 09:16
3. Salterbarty Ouverture 03:06
4. Wee Voices Touch 01:40
5. Broken Chain Of Euphoria 08:28
6. Canyon Nebula 22:17
7. Night Tones 05:14
8. Sunsets 01:19
9. Shades 01:07
Total: 58:19 Min.

CD2 “French Skyline”:
1. Sirens 04:12
2. The Amazon 10:12
3. Flourishing Illusion 04:58
4. Splendored Skies And Angels 06:15
5. Morning Song (For Iris And Richard) 03:28
6. Sources Changed (Incl, The Movement) 04:49
7. Demensional Music 05:25
8. Wind And Sky Symphonie 04:51
Total: 44:10 Min

CD3 “Atomkraft? Nein, Danke!”:
1. Golden Rendevous 07:29
2. Sonntagsspaziergang 05:12
3. Garden’s End 03:06
4. Wind Mills 05:35
5. Cafe Sequence 02:10
6. Cafe Exit 05:47
7. White Cloud 04:22
8. Solar Mirrors 03:41
9. Jet Sets 03:22
10. Forest Floor 06:49 (Part I Atomkraft? Nein, Danke! – Part II Aras)
Total: 47:33 Min.

CD4 “Humans Only”:
1. Rainbow Dome 05:56
2. Don’t You Ever Wonder 04:49
3. Indian Dances 08:09
4. One Flew Over The Ridge 05:31
5. TV Funk 07:40
6. Tip Toe Funk 13:18 (a. Umbrey Flowing Lights – b. Arrival Pieces)
Total: 45:23 Min.

CD5 “Sleeper The Nightlifer”:
1. Razor’s Edge 05:48
2. Billows Edit 04:16
3. Silent Ones 04:14
4. Water Dance 03:54
5. Indian Dances 10:59
6. Golden Rendevous 07:25
7. Chiarascuro 03:41
8. Embroidery 03:06
9. Sleeper Garden Path 04:09
Total: 47:32 Min.

Earthstar was an interesting project by American musician Craig Wuest. The band was assigned to the genre of electronic and ambient music. Although the musicians from Utica, N.Y. came, many people pigeonholed them as Krautrock. The band itself came out as ardent admirers of this style of music, especially of electronic artists such as Neu, Cluster, Roedelius and, above all, Klaus Schulze. Craig Wuest contacted Klaus Schulze, who was so impressed by Earthstar’s talent that he invited the band to Germany to record and market their music. The first Earthstar album “Salterbarty Tales” (1978) was released on the US label Moontower Records, parts of the second album “French Skyline” were recorded in Utica, but the album was released in 1979 on the renowned German Sky label Günther Körber. Earthstar and Klaus Schulze worked together until 1982, when the musicians returned to their home countries and each went their own way. The band Earthstar was history. Til today. Because now all 4 studio albums (“Salterbarty Tales”, “French Skyline”, “Atomkraft? No Thanks!”, “Humans Only”) are available on CD for the first time as “Collected Works” and therefore also digitally in a box. As a bonus there is the previously unreleased album “Sleeper The Nightlifer”, which was rejected by the record company in 1979 because the recordings “would no longer correspond stylistically to the taste of Earthstar fans”. An interesting discovery! Earthstar’s complete work from 1978 to 1982 plus previously unreleased recordings including an extensive booklet on the band’s history, lovingly restored and mastered by Johannes Scheibenreif, for the first time on CD.

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