Edgar Froese – Ages


Released: 1979 By Eastgate Music

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  1. Ikarus
  2. Metropolis
  3. Era of the Slaves
  4. Nights of Automatic Women
  5. Ode to Granny A
  6. Pizarro and Atahuallpa
  7. Tropic of Capricorn
  8. Golgatha and the Circle Closes


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1 review for Edgar Froese – Ages

  1. rubycon

    Just got the ‘new’ Ages.
    Bear in mind that I listened to the original just last night, and it’s one of those albums I listen to quite a lot (apart from ‘Children’s Deeper Study’, I don’t like it).
    Firstly, the tracks are in different order, and Golgotha is back, meaning deeper study has been booted off.
    Jippie!! Secondly, the packaging just has the one photo, the old cover and gatefold are gone also, the original was made in 77, not 79, like the cover says.

    It starts oddly, but after a second listen doesn’t sound too strange. The first note of ‘Ikarus’ is loud, and then it turns down. My CD jumped near the end of the track… was it just mine, anyone? Shame if I have to send it back, but they delivered to the UK very quickly.
    There isn’t too much tangentising going on, and it’s very sympathetic. I was dreading some parts, but it actually HELPS some tracks, like ‘Ode to Granny A’, which once seemed repetitive and flat.
    In fact the start of ‘Tropic of Capricorn’ made me go because it added a ‘stab’ off the beat, which made me jump at first. I love that track, and am not upset by the addition of washes during the second part, or an additional voice to the last one.
    The drumming still comes out strong, and overall I feel it strengthened a track which originally outstayed it’s welcome despite being upbeat.
    Just can’t remember ‘Golgotha’ from the vinyl I owned years ago, but it sounds ok, and a quiet end to the album.

    So- it gets the thumbs up from me. The remixing has not been overdone, it sounds good (though the start of Metropolis sounds a little raw) and often sounds more like Tangerine Dream around the early eighties. As I’ve said before, I’d rather have an antagonized release, but this is a decent upgrade. Not really sure I could cope with Epsilon, though.
    Perhaps Ages needed it.
    Perhaps I’m just in a generous mood.

    2005. rubycon

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