Edgar Froese – Ambient highway vol. 3


Released: 2003 By TDI Music International

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  1. Down To Barstow
  2. Copper Coast
  3. Days Of Camouflage
  4. Macula Transfer part 2
  5. Night At Ayers Rock
  6. The Light Cone part 2
  7. Genesta in the Afternoon Glow
  8. Drunken Mozart in the Desert part 2
  9. Gizeh Sunset
  10. Summer in Key West
  11. Craving For A Rose

Mix of old with new and re-recorded OVERSTOCK PRICE REDUCTION

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1 review for Edgar Froese – Ambient highway vol. 3

  1. Stein Erik

    I have just been listening through vol. 3 (2 times) and vol. 4 (once), and my first impression is very positive.
    That is we get what we were promised: A mixture of new stuff and re-recordings of Edgar’s earlier solo works and TD material. In general I would say that the overall sound picture is very much like what we have got to know from TD‘s releases over the last few years (you can hear traces from Transsiberia, Seven letters as well as Mota Atma).
    In fact vol. 3 kicks off with Down to Barstow, which could easily have fit into the Mota Atma album. As for the re-recordings, I have always had a mixed feeling about that. Here we get extracts from Macula, Ages, Stuntman and Pinnacles in new versions. Those of you who know Tangents will have a pretty good idea what to expect.
    Listening to the re-recording of Macula Transfer (part two) made me remember how good that album really is, and how much I would like to have that (and of course Epsilon) released in its original form on CD again.
    All die hard fans will find much to enjoy on the Ambient Highway releases, and I am sure they will be in my CD player frequently for the next few weeks and months (while we wait for DM4).
    The booklet have a very informative essay on the importance of Edgar’s solo works signed by one M.M.K., and even more good news: It says this series is to be continued”. What more can you ask for?
    Thank you Edgar for sharing this music with us.

    2003. Stein Erik

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