Edgar Froese – Dalinetopia


Released: 2004 By Eastgate Music

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  1. Daleroshima
  2. Dalozapata
  3. Dalamuerte
  4. Dalerotica
  5. Daliesquador
  6. DaluminacionMP3 soundclip of Daluminacion [3:00]
  7. Dalagalor
  8. Daluna
  9. Dalysisiphus
  10. Dalinetopia

Studio album dedicated to Dali

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6 reviews for Edgar Froese – Dalinetopia

  1. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland (Dublin)

    A beautiful new recording from Edgar that capture the artist soundscapes of Dali. Some elements of Tangerine Dream mixed with Edgars style.
    This is a new side to Edgar that we haven’t seen before.
    Some very nice capturing tracks namely Dalozapata, Daluminacion & Daluna.
    Another worthy addition to your collection.

    2005. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland (Dublin)

  2. Corlos Benez / Spain

    A fine new release from one of the masters of New Age music.
    This album is a mix of smooth jazz textures tinged with that all too familiar Tangerine Dream sound.

    2005. Corlos Benez / Spain

  3. Tim Downs / Britain

    This album has got some very poignant moments inbetween the experimentation and electronic wizardry, namely the beautiful Daluminacion which doesn’t reflect so much the artwork of Dali so much but Froese‘s thoughts and memories on the passing of an old friend and mentor which will leave you with a lump in your throat.
    This is a gorgeous album that I can’t seem to stop listening to, its one of the best electronic music albums I have heard in a while and a great return for Edgar’s solo career.
    Check this out and the re-recording of ‘Epsilon in Malysia pale’ too!

    2005. Tim Downs / Britain

  4. Hans Sijtsma / The Netherlands

    This is the album made by an artist who’s growing in age and music. This is Edgar’s most finest works ever. The way he made some of the works visible in music, is one of the greatest efforts that have been made in EM music.
    Some of Edgar’s feelings to the old days of Dali are coming so clear to the listener that i can only say that this album is now a classic one in EM history.

    2005. Hans Sijtsma / The Netherlands

  5. Menno von Brucken Fock / SonicImmersion.org

    At 61 years old, Edgar Froese, the mastermind of Tangerine Dream, hardly needs an introduction. Due to the many TD releases, it is not surprising that the man scarcely could find the time to work on his solo albums.
    However, in the waning years of his career, he decided it was, again, high time to work on a solo project. As a source of inspiration he chose the work of a man he has met on various occasions and whom he numbers among the greatest painters of the last century, Salvador Dali. In ten pieces, Froese has embodied his interpretation of numerous artistic images from the surrealistic world of Dali in very pleasant EM that actually sounds more like earlier TD than the last 15 years of TD!
    My point, of course, is that the TD of the 1990s and later really is not the TD” that I used to worship. This album

  6. Jacob Pertou / Denmark

    This album is a tribute to the role model Salvador Dali, Edgar met in Spain, 1967. Edgar has said that his intention about TD was to do in music, what Dali did for the visual art.
    However, the inspiration is more evident in the surreal cover, than the music. Edgar doesn’t reach that unthinkable sphere beyond all realities”

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