Edgar Froese – Epsilon in Malaysian pale


Released: 1975 By WHD

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  1. Epsilon In Malaysian PaleMP3 soundclip of Epsilon in Malaysian pale [3:00]
  2. Maroubra BayMP3 soundclip of Maroubra bay [3:00]


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4 reviews for Edgar Froese – Epsilon in Malaysian pale

  1. dazza / New Zealand

    I suppose it might be nostalgia, but the simplicity of all the ‘original’ Froese 1970s releases still work for me. Analog equipment, simple melodies, great arangements. As one wise man once said (Brian Eno?) the spaces between the notes matter as much as the notes.”

    2008. dazza / New Zealand

  2. Unknown

    This is much better than the new version of Pinnacles”. The new sounds do not interfere too much with the original album “feel” & I quite like the metallic & bell-ringing tones anyway! Some fans will be a bit dissapointed that the famous mellotron is less prominent but at least it’s still there.
    The critisism of the album length still applies though. Come on Edgar “W”

  3. ambientlive

    It’s roughly the same as the original, heck it’s even almost the same length (come on Edgar make a difference).
    There’s a lot of metallic swooshy sounds and chords overlaid onto it, sometimes these work well, sometimes not.
    In the end they get to be an irritant.I know it’s meant to be the new updated version, but where it succeeds is that new listeners will just love it, where it fails is that it’s just not different enough, it’s like the original with a few bits pasted over, heck I could have done that in an evening using the original’s wav file.
    Also this is the 21st century and CD’s last over 60 minutes, how hard would it have been to put a bonus track or two onto there?
    Personally I would have liked it more if Edgar had just totally re-played it and re-recorded the whole thing, and put the original as the bonus track.
    I will be keeping my original on vinyl (I don’t have the CD version, yet)

    2005. ambientlive

  4. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland (Dublin)

    One of the best Ambient albums to emerge over the past 30 years. A beautifully re-recording ,re-mixed album. None of the essence has been lost if anything an improvement.
    Two worthy tracks that show Edgars ability on the Mellotron as outstanding. A worthy addition to a CD collection

    2005. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland (Dublin)

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