Edgar Froese – Introduction to the ambient highway


Released: 2003 By TDI Music International

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  1. Sahara Child
  2. Stuntman part 2
  3. Tierra Del Fuego
  4. Heatwave City
  5. The Light Cone
  6. Genesta In The Afternoon Glow
  7. Gizeh Sunset
  8. Dome Of Yellow Turtles
  9. Car Dreaming
  10. Down To Barstow
  11. Magic Lantern
  12. Pinnacles part 2
  13. Craving For A Rose

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1 review for Edgar Froese – Introduction to the ambient highway

  1. Richard D. Coreno

    Edgar Froese issues a compilation of a series of compilations that were inspired by a 2-CD set of past solo material and remixes.
    This 13-number set is a sampler from the four volumes of Ambient Highway, which is an expanded form – through additional tracks – of a 1995 release, Beyond the Storm. Essentially, it is an excellent way to travel this route without exploring the entire series and the double-set that got things rolling.
    The Introduction is the map to use, since the ambient highway may continue to be under construction” through re-releases and studio tweaks.

    2008. Richard D. Coreno

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