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  1. Eden: Ohrwurm [15:25]
  2. Into The Realms Of Bodhicitta [4:16]
  3. Beyond Mind And Matter: A Spirit Odyssey [16:40]

EILAND is dedicated to the memory of Patrick

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    I repeated it often since a few months; if you are an EM fan which refuses any bordering attachment, the invasion of the Belgian EM will fill your ears with happiness. EILAND is a trio consisted of Marcus Scheibmaier, Steve Slingeneyer and Bruno Cousse. It’s to the latter that the organizers of the Full Moon Healing event have turned in 2016 to create an opening number for the performances of Gigi Masin and Laraaji. Bassist and guitarist who also plays a variety of other instruments, including the Mellotron and other synthesizers, Cousse contacts Marcus Scheibmaier, who is also a synthesizer and sequencer programmer, and the percussionist Steve Slingeneyer. He explains his musical vision of composing a sonic tale about the universe. Visual arts artist Lies Dierckx embarks on the project. His fresh vision brings a new dimension to the Cousse project. This is how EILAND was born. The four artists are working on the project that has fill the eyes and the ears of the spectators attending this Full Moon Healing. Given this success, the group decided to record the experience, both music and visual arts. This is how the album and the movie EILAND saw the light of day. It was not until nearly two years later that the music was taken by the Belgian label Wool-E Discs, which has become a breeding ground for local talent. The CD was released during a performance of the band at the famous B-Wave Festival of 2018. Festival which also included Pyramaxx, Erik Wollo and Michael Stearns. The show and the music were then dedicated to Patrick Kosmos” Wille-De Wael. Audacious and constantly evolving in the different spheres of EM

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