Elektronische Maschine – Energy


Released: 1999 By Elektronische Maschine

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  1. Energy [4:49]MP3 soundclip of Energy [3:00]
  2. Power/Machine [4:03]
  3. Analog/Digital (dance version) [5:01]
  4. Retrospection [4:04]
  5. Tanzen Mit Computer (remix) [4:42]
  6. Dance Floor [3:30]
  7. Elek-Tec [3:22]
  8. E-Motion (remix) [5:15]
  9. Analog/Digital [4:17]
  10. The Seduction (remix) [3:23]
  11. Dance 86 (remix) [4:35]
  12. Hypnosis [6:47]

    Bonus tracks:

  13. Energie (german version) [4:48]
  14. Analog/Digital (german version) [4:17]

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  1. Synthetic Vision / Ireland

    ITEM Energy is theyre second release, but first on CD from a band that produce a style of Electro pop that is very heavily influenced by Kraftwerk, the band itself is credited on this CD as an inspiration.
    CONTENT Fourteen tracks and eleven songs including two bonus tracks, both German versions of Energy and Analog/Digital while some of the tracks do feature some dry and almost deadpan vocals, not that Im complaining.
    LIKE-There are some excellent tracks here, especially the more up-tempo tracks, tracks like the opening Energy, the track itself is later repeated with German vocals (furthering the similarities with Kraftwerk), Powermachine, Analog/Digital, appearing in three versions, the more up-tempo Dance Version

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