Elektronische Maschine – Key to compute


Released: 2001 By Elektronische Maschine

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  1. The Key To Compute (dance version) [3:39]
  2. Vitalo 2001 [5:19]MP3 soundclip of Vitalo 2001 [2:59]
  3. Economy [3:59]
  4. Dance Floor [3:33]
  5. Lets Feel The Groove [4:33]
  6. Summer Electronics [4:13]
  7. Trance Metal [5:56]
  8. The Key To Compute [5:14]

Style: Kraftwerk – The Mix

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1 review for Elektronische Maschine – Key to compute

  1. E-electric / Germany

    It’s your own fault when you will not be reminded to a well-known band from Dsseldorf (also when the CD-cover reminds me of the legendary ARUE AREU EP).
    Yes, Elektronische Maschine is somehow a klone of Kraftwerk, but in a sympathetic manner they are more playing with the image of the unreachable electronic performers (for example in their live presentation) in stead of merely copying their musical style.
    Although the music of EM reflects a certain Kraftwerk spirit by their use of Beats, Melodies, Effects, Vocals (for example reference is made in the EM track: Economy to the title: Telephone call) reviewing as a entity the music of EM is totally different and on its own.
    The approach of EM is very Techno-orientated without any dark elements. The music of EM is a combination of electronic beats, effects, melodies which as a total doesn’t leave any dance floor empty.
    Great class !!!

    2002. E-electric / Germany

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