Eloy – Ocean (Remasterd)


Released: 2010 By EMI

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  1. Poseidon’s Creation [11:42]
  2. Incarnation Of The Logos [8:25]
  3. Decay Of The Logos [8:17]
  4. Atlantis’ Agony At June 5th -8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime [15:38]

Progressive space rock

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  1. Ben Miller / USA

    Never had I ever known a prog band where the fans were so divided as Eloy. I can understand why fans might be divided over Yes or Genesis since they did turn to more generic pop in the 1980s, but with Eloy it seems that each time the band witnesses another lineup change, they changed their sound and many fans of Eloy‘s certain sound might not be a fan of their next sound.
    That’s why I see lots of bickering over whether people like Inside and Floating the best, Dawn, Ocean and Silent Cries the best, or Colours, Planets, Time to Turn, and Metromania the best.
    For me it’s Ocean, particularly because I have a ’70s bias. Let me tell you, Ocean is some of the most stunning progressive space rock I have ever heard in my life! A wonderful concept album about the rise and destruction of Atlantis, I really felt Frank Bornemann did the right thing when he added bassist Klaus-Peter Matziol, keyboardist Detlev Schmidtchen, and drummer Jrgen Rosenthal to the band because never before or after had Eloy created such mindblowing work as with this lineup, as Ocean demonstrates.

    People seem to think that the opener Poseidon’s Creation” is the best and it’s all downhill from there. I’ll have to disagree there.
    The second cut

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