Erik Wollo – Airborne


Released: 2012 By Projekt

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  1. Spring Equinox (prelude) [4:10]
  2. The Drift [5:17]
  3. Red Earth [7:00]
  4. Airborne 1 [5:39]
  5. Circle Lake [4:30]
  6. Lost and Found [6:40]
  7. Airborne 2 [5:30]
  8. The Longest Day [6:02]
  9. Time River [6:37]
  10. North of the Mountains [5:14]
  11. The Magic Spot [6:00]
  12. Airborne 3 [5:08]

Ambient, rhythmic and melodic

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Always subjected we shall be by this guitar with rangy spectral curves and with meditative night-lamentations which get lost in absent synth breaths. Welcome to the unique musical universe of Erik Wollo. After a detour in the more atmospheric and more experimental musical territories of Silent Currents: Live at Star’s End, the poetic nomad of the Scandinavians lands returns to us with an album where the rhythms and ambiences torture fine melodies sometimes cheerful, contemplative or lunar on short minimalist escapades.

    A fine brook of twinkling arpeggios awakens the sleepy breaths of Spring Equinox (Prelude)” which displays the floating and contemplative portions of Airborne. Slow and oblong synth/guitars layers spread their somber melancholic breezes which wave such as floating spectres

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