Erik Wollo & Berhard Wostheinrich – Arcadia Borealis


Released: 2009 By DiN Records

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  1. The Wayfarers [5:55]MP3 soundclip of Wayfarers [1:00]
  2. Exploration [5:30]
  3. Solar Wind [6:54]
  4. White Sea [3:08]
  5. Airship [5:19]MP3 soundclip of Airship [1:00]
  6. Terrestrial Magnetism [5:23]
  7. Nautilus [6:13]
  8. Midnight Sun [6:05]
  9. Mirror Image [6:29]
  10. Hemisphere Nord [2:45]
  11. Polaris [5:20]
  12. Decampment To Arcadia [4:14]

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3 reviews for Erik Wollo & Berhard Wostheinrich – Arcadia Borealis

  1. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    Bernhard Wstheinrich speaks in his own musical voice. Providing a unique perspective in his increasingly frequent collaborations in the label catalogue, Wstheinrich has quietly been playing with and influencing some of our community’s most interesting talents. On Arcadia Borealis (63’23) Erik Wllo takes his turn.

    His introspective approach to music results in the distillation of emotion while Wstheinrich‘s private symbolism represents an urge for self-expression and release. The musical arc of this CD moves from curiously beautiful on the opening tracks to beautifully curious on the closing few. Each of the 12 pieces is fully formed and thoughtful.
    The more energetic songs are driven by firm beats amidst simultaneously sounding musical lines. With harmonies trailing behind melodies these shimmering works draw their power from the arctic regions upon which this music is based – informing the dramatic outline of Arcadia Borealis. As this album plays out it slows down

  2. Roberto Vales / Ultima Fronteira

    Ian Boddy, nos presenta una excepcional colaboracin entre dos msicos fantsticos como son Erik Wollo y Bernhard Wstheinrich.Ian Boddy, un msico conocido ya por todos, su primer trabajo data ya de 1983, es excelente guitarrista de origen noruego que ha colaborado con msicos de la talla de Steve Roach, primera vez que publica en DiN. Bernhard Wstheinrich, msico que comenz su trayectoria musical en 1988, que en 1990 cre el do Subsonic Experience y que en 1996 junto al guitarrista Markus Reuter form Centrozoon.

    Estos dos msicos, se conocieron en el ao 2007, en el E-Live en Eindhoven y de ah surgi la idea de crear este trabajo.Arcadia Borealis” es un homenaje a los conquistadores del rtico del siglo XVIII

  3. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Erik Wllo is known for his melodic touch and Bernhard Wstheinrich is known for his technical wizardry and cutting edge sounds. Put them together, and you get the best of both worlds on Arcadia Borealis.

    The Wayfarers” has a catchy beat and melody

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