Erik Wollo – Gateway


Released: 2010 By Projekt

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  1. Land of Myths [4:50]MP3 soundclip of Land of myths [0:30]
  2. First Arrival [7:08]
  3. The Crossing [8:25]
  4. A Sublime Place [3:16]
  5. Gateway [5:36]MP3 soundclip of Gateway [0:30]
  6. Blue Universe [3:57]
  7. The Traveler [6:12]MP3 soundclip of Traveler [0:30]
  8. There Will Be Snow [5:19]
  9. The Mental Trail [5:16]
  10. Full Circle [6:15]MP3 soundclip of Full circle [0:30]
  11. Wetlands [5:22]
  12. Thule [8:36]

Ambient, rhythmic and melodic

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5 reviews for Erik Wollo – Gateway

  1. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This CD from 2010 features 70 minutes of icy ambience.Norwegian synthesist Wollo plays electric guitars, guitar synthesizers, keyboards, percussion and programming.

    One cannot discern here whether these atmospheric textures are generated by synthesizers or processed guitar–either way, they are suitably ethereal enough that the identity of the instrument of origin hardly matters.The electronics are vividly mild. The foundational tones exhibit expansive qualities, creating lavish soundscapes of vaporous distinction. Skillful layering of these texturals produces vistas of delicate grandeur that shimmer with eternal elegance.Keyboards guide riffs of endearing charm into divine structures that command attention while retaining a gentle subtlety. Their sparkling expressions slither through the atmospheric mix with an enticing grace.When the guitar finally sounds like a guitar, the chords are crystalline and frigid, evocative and alluring.Percussives supply tastefully light rhythms that propel the tuneage without being to overt. On a few occasions the tempos muster more verve, yet still remain understated.

    While obviously ambient, these compositions also warrant note as lovely pieces of contemporary electronic music. Their airy qualities possess strongly melodic undercurrents, setting them apart from most ambient fare which tend to concentrate entirely on harmonic definitions. A few of the songs actually muster enough vitality that they cannot be classified as ambient

  2. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    On Gateway (70’16) Erik Wllo continues to explore his musical imagination. With many years of experience Wllo has amassed an enormous amount of experience and technique

  3. John Diliberto

    Erik Wllo is an architect of ambience, a poet of electronic landscapes. Employing cinematic” as an adjective for this music is a tiresome cliche

  4. Tschack! / Holland

    Considered I’m a fan of Erik’s music for years I must mention I get to grow more and more into his sound and I LOVE it.Still mr. Wollo suprises me with his songs. Even after all those years. Kudos to Erik for this.
    I hope to see you on stage again Erik!!

    2010. Tschack! / Holland

  5. Bill Binkelman / Zone Music Reporter

    Erik Wllo is one of the most consistent artists recording today. He continues to impress me with his composing and performing talent. His music comes across as being both stimulating from an intellectual standpoint yet emotionally satisfying as well.

    2010. Bill Binkelman / Zone Music Reporter

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