Erik Wollo – Threshold Point


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  1. Behind The Clouds [4:18]
  2. Traverse [8:45]
  3. Arches [6:08]
  4. Mosaic Of Time I – Route Diverge [7:14]
  5. Mosaic Of Time II – Threshold Point [8:42]
  6. Ravel Peak [4:09]
  7. Mosaic Of Time III – Hidden Path [8:09]
  8. Eon [6:27]
  9. Mosaic Of Time IV – Bridge Crossing [6:41]

Ambient, rhythmic and melodic

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1 review for Erik Wollo – Threshold Point

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    An album from Erik Wollo is like a story painted in different paintings where the emotions of the Norwegian are transposed on cinematographic and/or panoramic textures. The one who has accustomed us to a music of atmospheres, and its delicate floating rhythms, proposes here an album in two shades with textures of rhythms which amaze, especially coming from his side.

    Threshold Point is a title which means a new beginning. A kind of reflection (some passages here were composed while he was at the bedside of his dying sister in New York) on the metamorphosis of a soul to another form of life. It’s a bit like changing of cosmic address, as Edgar Froese liked to think. Anyway, the Norwegian electronic bard offers on this last album a delightful and enticing balance between his ambiences, always at the paroxysm of the ethereal, and beats of the world as well as some rhythms well put on Berlin School’s style of sequenced ritornellos.

    I t’s in a state of mind well-thought that Behind the Clouds” carves a place deep inside the motor of our emotions. Breezes tinged of black

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