Erik Wollo – Wind journey


Released: 2001 By Monumental Records

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  1. Beginning [1:28]
  2. Wind Journey 1 [5:28]MP3 soundclip of Wind journey 1 [2:59]
  3. Blue Moon [3:31]
  4. Dream Lines [5:20]
  5. Going North [2:16]
  6. Awakening [4:47]
  7. Insula [2:26]
  8. Wind Journey 2 [5:37]

    Seasons Suite:

  9. Sea [3:11]
  10. Open Land [2:47]
  11. Spring Poem [2:41]
  12. Rain [1:28]
  13. Distant View [2:02]
  14. Huldra 2 [2:42]
  15. Early Autumn [2:19]
  16. Frost [2:04]
  17. Winter Shine [1:17]
  18. Winter Lake [1:36]
  19. Passage Of Time [4:37]
  20. Destination [3:55]
  21. Aurora Borealis [2:56]
  22. Cloudscapes [3:09]
  23. Home [2:21]

Melodic music with a ‘travel’ feeling

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3 reviews for Erik Wollo – Wind journey

  1. Edgar Kogler

    Luminous airy music. Thus could this album by Erik Wollo be defined. Luminous because it turns out to be as warm as the sunrays in a clear morning. Airy, given its agile, dynamic, crystalline and at times ethereal shades. Both the title and the cover of the album refer to an air walk. And certainly, the compositions seem to reflect the sensations and emotions that can be experienced in free flight, onboard a balloon or an airplane.Of course, there also are moments with other orientations. Yet anyway, this is a very intense album, where it is obvious that Wollo has immersed his five senses. On the other hand, This is stylistically speaking his most electronic album in several years.

    2001. Edgar Kogler

  2. David J Opdyke / AmbiEntrance

    We first encountered his expansive six-string stylings with last year’s guitar nova; now soar with Erik Wollo on an instrumental wind journey. Though always close at hand, the guitar is less in theforefront during this dreamier outing as the one-man band’s other instrumental talents take flight. A gently flowing panorama for the ears, wind journey rises above new age mediocrity thanks to ErikWollo’s thoughtfully planned course. Favorable weather conditions (and several perfectly ambient interludes) make for a 70-minute flight of fancy through 23 (!) tracks.

    2001. David J Opdyke / AmbiEntrance

  3. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

    This is Eriks second cd, and this time the content is much more electronic.

    Wind Journey” contains 70 minutes of beautiful instrumental music

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