Fanger & Kersten – Elektrik massage


Released: 2008 By Victor J. Rek

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  1. Salt Tank [17:14]
  2. Gentle Waves [10:23]
  3. Night Cruisers [11:45]
  4. Moon Roads [38:45]MP3 soundclip of Moon roads [3:00]

Blends of classic Berlin School with Ashra electronica

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3 reviews for Fanger & Kersten – Elektrik massage

  1. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This CD from 2008 by Thomas Fanger and Michael Kersten features 78 minutes of lively electronic tuneage. There are two tracks recorded live at Bad Sulza, Toskana Therme, April 6, 2002, one track from studio sessions circa 2001, and the last track was recorded live at Petrus Church in Berlin, November 11, 2000.

    In the first piece, lush textures establish a dreamy panorama that persists in this somnambulant state as additional tonalities (comprising sweetly shrill pitches and sighing tonal sweeps) sway into the languid mix. Sedate beats enter the flow halfway, but serve purely as punctuation, adding no rhythms. Keyboards surface soon after, introducing melodies to the tenuous soundscape with stately piano and chirping effects.
    With the second track, the pace steps up to nimble as pulsating chords brush aside an intro of gurgling water. With swift accretion, the melody becomes a lush tapestry of complimentary electronic sequences. Strident loops mingle with a steadfast beat, while muted effects and a crisper rhythm track oozes into place. As the song progresses, all of these elements enjoy an ascension culminating in a glorious crescendo which then recedes, washed away by an oceanic surf.
    The next piece maintains this energetic mode with churning cycles bathed in an evolving stream of additional sounds. Sustained keyboard chords flow through the mix, while catches of snappy e-perc rise and ebb and gradually coalesce into a captivating rhythm.
    The last track is the longest (39 minutes) and affords the musicians ample opportunity to experiment with engaging layers and urgent loops. Several abstract passages serve as a meandering opening. When cohesion sets in, the music adopts an invigoratingly dreamy character seasoned with bewitching tempos. Blooping notes cascade like a swarm of fireflies through an uplifting soundscape of pleasant drones. Laudatory riffs slide into place with regularity, perpetually enhancing the already attractive piece and building toward an ecstatic pinnacle.

    These compositions are an alluring blend of atmospheric moods peppered with lively embellishments.

    2008. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    This previously unreleased material from Fanger & Kersten, aka Mind~Flux, is a collection of studio and live recordings from 2000-2002.

    Normally the duo tends to likes their beats dance-floor ready, but this disc finds them mostly in a dream-like state of mind, in particular on the soft swirling synths of Salt Tank.” This exceptionally pleasant music was recorded at the famous Toskana Therme

  3. The Cosmic Frequencies

    This CD just came in the mail to me with no return address, Just a note saying from your late secret santa in Germany. Someone over their knows I’ve been collecting Electronic Music for over 30 year. Like a joyful E2-E4 Release.

    A great release if your under stress. Let this music drift you away from your problems.

    2010. The Cosmic Frequencies

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