Fanger & Schonwalder – Analog overdose 4


Released: 2007 By Manikin Records

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  1. Berlin Breakfast [23:30]MP3 soundclip of Berlin breakfast [3:00]
  2. Frankfurt Lunch [19:56]
  3. Berlin Dessert [20:33]

  1. Liphook Breakfast [45:45]
  2. Liphook Lunch [18:50]
  3. Liphook Dessert [10:10]

Studio plus Hampshire Jam 2006

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2 reviews for Fanger & Schonwalder – Analog overdose 4

  1. Stephan Schelle

    Es geht auf das Ende des Jahres zu und da prsentiert uns noch ein Schmankerl, das rechtzeitig zum Weihnachtsfest herauskommt. Ich meine den mittlerweile vierten Teil der Analog Overdose-Reihe von Thomas Fanger & Mario Schnwlder. Eigentlich ist es ja sogar schon der fnfte Teil

  2. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    A slow movement, hemmed of vaporous and consistent synths, forms the first measures of Berlin Breakfast. Already, the breaths of Berlin School to contemporary radiances are felt. Subtly, a soft sequence is hiding behind a mellotron with the breaths of Arabia, enlarging its cadence at the rhythm of mesmerizing mellotron. And, as Fanger Schonwalder accustomed us to it, the tempo takes a heavier sonority, on more intense and hypnotic pulsation.
    Analog Overdose 4 is a pure Berlin School feast. But a Berlin School to which the duet combines with a unique contemporariness. Splitting by short sequences, the Berliners duet appreciably modifies the structure of the rhythm with short random fluctuations, plunging Berlin Breakfast in a celestial atmosphere. The solos of synths, some with guitars appearances, put a sweet intoxicate into this soft electronic daydream.
    Heavy arpeggios, intersected with electronic clappers, impregnate obscure reverberations to Frankfurt Lunch intro. We are in full hallucinatory jungle where eclectic sonorities of animals rove in heavy atmospheric pads. A fine sequence emerges from this tropical blackness, to form a zigzagging tempo which wakes up a movement bursting of velocity, where solos of synths are squabbling on limpid chords which drown in symphonic synths. The atmosphere is heavy and the synthesized pads opaque, creating a rich and moulding sound envelope, as at the beautiful time of Phaedra and Rubycon.
    Louds and dense mellotrons pads open the doors of Berlin Dessert. A n atonic intro with floating mobility scents the atmosphere of a ghostly odour, whereas big keys of dark organ strike an aphasic silence. Strange impulsions shake this lethargy, stimulating a neurotic sequence which palpitates like strange arrhythmias pulses. Berlin Dessert falls under a line of experimental titles which Fanger Schonwalder develops within the last years. Behind the amorphous synthesized cushion is woven a boiling musical structure which does not have any particular rhythm, but a crawling mass with spreading unctuously intense mellotrons. Imagine Phaedra, but with a more limpid musical effervescence, and you have the structure of Berlin Dessert. A heavy and creative track which requires more than one listening, but which enjoys a superb final.
    Analog Overdose 4 is a little different from the first Fanger Schonwalder grindings. The duet exploits more and more the contemporary and progressive side of an EM corroded by the Berlin School bases. But do not fear, because with through its creative meanders, Fanger Schonwalder successful always has to create EM of great vintage which fascine, so much by its nebulous beauty than its hypnotic rhythms, and which always astonishes by share their random directions.

    AO4 comes with a DVD from the Berliners’ duet, whereas it gave a spectacle at the 5th Hampshire Jam Festival, held on October 21st, 2006. The DVD includes short and beautiful introduction, which is used as musical decoration while the duet is travelling towards to town of Liphook, while being used as index for the selection of the tracks.
    This DVD contains 75 minutes of pure Berlin School music, split in3 parts. The quality of the image is superb and we attend an intimate concert where Fanger Schonwalder magic is spread.
    Liphook Breakfast starts very slowly. Long lunar intro where mellotrons breathe the quietude, whereas electronic jolts wake up an ebullient sequencer which starts an undulating rhythm, on great mellotrons layers. The Analog Overdose cocktail is completely respected; vaporous music on random rhythms, consistent and enveloping synths, strong escapades which deviates on semi techno passages (in particular the final). The whole thing framed of strident solos and surging sequences which recalls us that EM can also be the subject of wild gigs.
    On this level, Liphook Lunch is quite simply irresistible. A superb neurotic title which overlaps flickering sequences, like wings of a humming bird. Through this DVD we also follow the duet displacements in the England city. A mixture of black and white, as well as negative catches, raise the interest for a concert where 2 artists are the only figureheads, and which also breaks the possible brittleness of the more stratospheric musical moments. This Analog Overdose 4 is a feast of pure Berlin School EM.
    The Berliners’ duet offers 2:20hres of explosive EM which rests on short atmospheric breaks, in particular on the concert of Hampshire Jam (DVD). As far as the CD, Fanger Schonwalder refashions discreetly the paths of Berlin School to give it again a more avant-gardism image. Thus developing a structure which requires some listening, in particular Berlin Dessert, but which always includes this unique musical savour of Fanger Schonwalder.

    2008. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

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