Fanger & Schonwalder – Analog overdose – The road movie


Released: 2012 By Manikin Records

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  1. Eindhoven [25:45]
  2. Liphook [12:15]
  3. Los Angeles [14:45]
  4. Frankfurt [10:27]
  5. Berlin [50:58]

Just sit back, relax and enjoy this 2-hour long road movie. Bon voyage! Join the trip as Thomas Fanger & Mario Sch�nw�lder once again celebrate their renowned blend of Berlin School elements and fresh up-to-date sounds.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    I once written it and I still persist: attend a concert of EM is to show a heroic deed against somnolence. This superb music, which is the equivalent of a lava flow under the arcs of a rainbow, finds all its wealth under the closed eyes of diurnal dreamers. Certainly there are rhythms. Rhythms embroidered into sequencers where the protagonists are more much excited than Macy’s dummies. In fact what saves the day during these concerts is the quality of the music.
    And at this level, Fanger and Schnwlder give us quite a seminar about EM of which the analog perfumes revive these crazy souvenirs of our years of artificial illusions. Analog Overdose-The Road Movie is a movie-documentary about the international tour undertaken by the duet from September 2007 to August 2008. A tour which walked them from L.A. to Berlin while passing by England where Thomas Fanger and Mario Schonwalder have dazzled many ears on an EM religiously listened by a public taken in hostage by rhythms and ambiences which flow beneath some organic panoramas of screens and walls skilfully brushed by psychedelic lavas. Apart from music and the visual effects, the very penetrating video views offer us a small lesson on the electronic art with closes-ups which reveal secrets and which satisfy all the curiosity of a greenhorn such as I on the functioning of synths and sequencers.

    It’s at the Eindhoven’s very own E-Live festival of 2008 that the audiovisual adventure of Analog Overdose-The Road Movie begins. In a sober setting, very intimate and decorated with Spirograph kind of psychedelic drawings which melt themselves on the screen into delicious psychedelicosmic embraces, the rhythm of Eindhoven” emerges delicately from its morphic circles and its soporific flutes to espouse the shapes of a cosmic groove. The rhythm

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