FD.Project – Electronic dreams

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Released: 2003 By F.D. Project


  1. Intro / Endless Dream
  2. Ocean Memories
  3. Sierra de Monchique
  4. Galaxy 2002MP3 soundclip of Galaxy 2002 [1:00]
  5. New Day
  6. The Last Sunset
  7. Wonderful Morning
  8. Acoustic NatureMP3 soundclip of Acoustic nature [1:00]
  9. Ocean Memories Part 2
  10. Home Of My Heart
  11. Experience
  12. Space Night Drumming
  13. Piece Of Heaven
  14. Land Of MagicMP3 soundclip of Land of magic [1:00]

Excellent debut CD

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2 reviews for FD.Project – Electronic dreams

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    The very first opus of the German guitarist Frank Dorittke, Electronic Dreams offers a very poetic musical approach, embracing even the paths of a New Age like Yanni style on honeyed and dreamy musical structures. A soft album where the guitars of FD Project are very silent except for Acoustic Nature, letting all the room to synths with vaporous mists which shape beautiful dreamlike structures on lighter than dynamic rhythms.

    Intro / Endless Dream begins this 1st work of Dorittke with a slow and somber procession to prismatic sparkles from where escapes a metallic droplet in a sinister cosmic nothingness. A wind roars among the decorative arcs of a monastery bell tower, activating the movement of those which resound around delicate chords to draw a sober rhythmic to nuanced hesitations. Intro / Endless Dream is the start of an album filled with very accessible musical pieces which guzzle between ears without too many difficulties. An album of light rhythms which modulate soft cadences on of beautiful ethereal strata which furrow and waltz on moderated rhythms, as Jarre and Yanni, as well as on the Celtic approaches of Enya. There are small jewels; New Day, The Last Sunset, Wonderful Morning and Land Of Magic who soak in a soft musical atmosphere. Galaxy 2002 is the only title that has an approach systematically electronic where a synth throws its solos among beautiful slowly keen sequences and a keyboard with a symphonic rock approach.

    As 1st opus, Electronic Dreams is not naughty. Its a beautiful album filled with tracks as romantic as dreamlike of which slow and waltzing synthesized strata stake hardly away from an approach more into New Age than progressive and electronic. The kind of album which listens the eyes and head full of love!

    2010. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  2. Lothar Lubitz

    Electronic Dreams is the remarkable project of an AC/DC and Iron Maiden fan who by chance listened to an album called ‘Stratosphere’ by a formation called ‘Tangerine Dream’.
    Frank Dorittke decided to buy his first syntheziser and instead of playing e-guitar he played the e-keys in an oustanding manner.

    Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands still play the best ballads and ‘Electronic Dreams’ are a kind of electronic ballads by the newcomer of 2003 – voted by the Schallwende elections.The amazing cover picture is made by Lissy. Visit her hompepage ( http://www.terranights.de ) and dive into the wonderful world of Terragen pictures.

    2004. Lothar Lubitz

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