FD.Project – Timeless

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Released: 2006 By F.D. Project


  1. Time Traveller
  2. White Clouds
  3. Another Place
  4. Daily Dream
  5. The Return Of O.
  6. Daylight
  7. The Blue Place
  8. Final Improvisation
  9. Timeless

Electronics and guitar

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2 reviews for FD.Project – Timeless

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Time Traveller opens this 4th F.D. Project opus with a nebulous short intro strewn with static chords on melodious flutters. A light sequencer draws a curve with a soft galloping dandling which is harmonized on its echo, giving a suave and sensual tempo. The movement evolves under synths with enveloping layers, filled with slightly symphonic pads and languorous solos, whereas the harmonies dominate over few atmospheric complexities.
    This introductory part of Timeless is a truly reflection of Frank Dorittke melodious approach. Surfing between structures with varied progressions and limpid tonalities, F.D.Project offers an extremely harmonious music which approaches the universe of Mike Oldfield and Software. Beyond these harmonious approaches, F.D.Project works out a psychedelic approach near Pink Floyd on Echoes and Mind Over Matter for the guitar and synth fusion.

    Without being completely neither dark, nor hyper progressive, Timeless offers a very interesting structural variety. Titles with progressive structures, like Time Traveller and Another Places, mix well with more conservatives titles as White Clouds, Daylight and Timeless.
    The hypnotic Berlin School model is also present on tracks like Daily Dream and The Blue Place which are besieged by a guitar with corrosive riffs. Daring, F.D.Project even goes into a very sensual electro blues on Final Improvisation, while paying homage to Mike Oldfield on The Return of O.

    Much different from conventional EM albums, F.D. Project offers a more progressive music, while remaining close to accessible structures from the last releases of Software and the counting minimalisms rhymes from Mike Oldfield.
    A beautiful cd for those who are looking for a more musical EM, with a zest of audacity.

    2007. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  2. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    ‘Timeless’ is probably the most consistent work by ‘F.D.Project’ (aka Frank Dorittke) since the release of ‘Mountainway’, in my opinion. The music continues in the same ‘trademark sound’ like his previous releases, but the song structure seems a bit stronger on this CD.

    What I love about Frank’s music is that he has such a creativity when it comes to mixing electronic music with progressive rock. It all floats together piece by piece in such harmony that I can’t think of anybody else that sounds like him, Frank is unique. To me his music is in general a mixture of 80’s ‘Pink Floyd’ but without the vocals, and a dash of Neal Schon‘s splendid guitar work. And if we mix those two, things can only sound good…very good!
    Here you will find some stunning/gorgeous guitar extravaganza, take a listen to ‘The Blue Place’ & ‘Final Improvisation’ and you get the idea.All the electronics and the guitars really does it’s job so incredibly well, and this album really shines through.There is something for both lovers of Electronic music as much as there is for fans of ‘ordinary’ progressive rock music.
    And one thing is for sure, this is music that really showcases what Frank is able to do with his guitar and synthesizers when he is at his peak!. It’s simply a mindblowing disc that almost catches fire in my heart & soul when I press start on my CD player. It’s an adrenaline kick not to be missed by fans of instrumental guitar music, such as ‘Maxxess’ & ‘Peter Seiler’.

    I can’t recommend it enough! A Must have CD in your collection! Buy buy buy!

    2008. Kristian Persson / Sweden

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