Fear Falls Burning – He spoke in dead tongues


Released: 2005 By Projekt

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    CD #1

  1. 7:12 [7:12]
  2. 13:42 [13:42]
  3. 10:01 [10:01]MP3 soundclip of 10:01 [3:00]
  4. 8:39 [8:39]
  5. 33:08 [33:08]
    CD #2

  1. 10:32 [10:32]
  2. 12:39 [12:39]
  3. 34:14 [34:14]
  4. 16:17 [16:17]

Realtime performances

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1 review for Fear Falls Burning – He spoke in dead tongues

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Dirk Serries, better known as vidnaObmana, has created a new project called Fear Falls Burning. Markedly different from his other works, this is free form experimentation with a variety of guitars. The nine untitled tracks are performed real time and recorded onto digital 2-track without any post-production editing or overdubs.

    I liked the dreamy first track very much, but the second track sounds like an electric guitar student practicing two chords over and over for almost 14 minutes.
    The third track opts again for a more ambient approach. It builds into a wall of sound, though a relatively quiet one that peaks early and holds out for the duration.
    Track four jumps back into fuzzed out guitar mode again, raw and edgy, with a much better end result than track two.
    Disc one concludes with track five, an extremely warm and pleasant 33-minute ride.
    Track six (i.e. the first track on disc two) is a smooth mellow blend of guitar soundscapes and delicate strumming that would fit right at home on Ash Ra Tempels excellent Le Berceau de Cristal CD. Like track three, track builds a nice wall of sound quite successfully, except for an all-too-abrupt ending where a fadeout was called for.
    Track eight is disc twos counterpart to track five, a meandering 34-minute atmospheric number.
    Track nine is back to the guitar student, this time playing with echo and reverb ad infinitum. There are some cool sounds of whooshing wind and other textures near the end, but it requires too much patience for me to get there.

    Skip tracks two and nine and youll find theres lots of good ambient guitar experimentation.

    2006. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

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