Fish on Friday – Airborn


Released: 2012 By ACE Studio

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  1. Welcome [5:27]
  2. She’s Going Crazy [3:37]
  3. This Cruel World [5:41]
  4. Maybe This the Blues [4:01]
  5. Airborne [5:12]
  6. I’m an Island [4:07]
  7. Back to Your Moon [5:55]
  8. Angels Never Die [4:12]
  9. Not a Sad Song [5:05]
  10. Blood On Your Hands [5:27]
  11. Alien City [3:53]
  12. Here We Stand [5:20]

frank vanbogaerd says hi with this fantastic 2nd release of his band Fish on Friday. No EM but wonderful Symphonic sonfgs in the style of Allan Parsons and Pinkfloyd, It brings a smile on my face.

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1 review for Fish on Friday – Airborn

  1. Stephan Schelle / Muzik Zirkus Magazin, Germany

    When holding this second album of Belgian project Fish on Friday, one immediatly notices two things.First the title Airborne which was also used by Mike Oldfield and second the cover artwork which reminds us a little of Manfred Manns Earth Band album Watch.But Fish on Friday is a collaboration between Frank Van Bogaert (Keyboards, acoustic guitars and vocals), well know in the Electronic Music scene, and William Beckers (Keyboards and percussion).Lets see if there are parallels with above-mentioned artists.With their 2010 debut album Shoot the Moon Fish on Friday convinced with their perfect blend of Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock, Electronics, Wave and Pop.So I was quite curious about this new album, of which the producion took from January 2011 till October 2012.

    Although there are similarities with Oldfield and MMEB, most of all Van Bogaert and Beckers have found their own style.Both musicians have, supported by Marty Townsend (acoustic and electric guitars), Marcus Weymaere (drums), Bert Embrechts (Bass) and backing vocalists Dany Caen and Chantal Kashala, chosen for a concept about aviation, at least thats what the artwork is about.In the really very beautiful booklet theres even a picture of Frank and William in Pilot jacks.Another five guest musician have collaborated on a few songs, of which Nick Beggs (of Kajagoogoo and Steve Hackett), who plays Bass on the track Welcome.One thing is for sure, Fish on Friday continu where they left of on Shoot the Moon. Where the first song Welcome feels , because of the arrangement with complete brass section( in my opinion just a little too dense), like a Phil Collins song, Shes going Crazy is a rockpop song with Alan Parsons-feel and funky guitars.There are a lot of stay in the head songs on this album, like for example the compelling titeltrack Airborne or the song Angels never die.The ballad song Im an Island even has a little RPWL feel to it.
    The second album is mostly known to be the most difficult, certainly when high producion standards have been set with the debut album.

    But Fish on Friday continue seamless where they left of on their debut album.The album holds a dozen gorgeous songs again offering a fascinating, coherent and accessible mix of Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock, Electronic, Wave and Pop.

    A first class album which just makes you feel good.

    2012. Stephan Schelle / Muzik Zirkus Magazin, Germany

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