Forrest Fang – Folklore


Released: 1995 By Cuneiform Records

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  1. The Bridge of Chan-Chou I. Crossing the River [6:26]
  2. The Bridge of Chan-Chou II. The Dragon King’s Advice [4:26]
  3. The Bridge of Chan-Chou III. Falling Stones (Kuan Yin) [4:26]MP3 soundclip of Falling stones [0:30]
  4. The Bridge of Chan-Chou IV. An Offering of Wood [6:01]
  5. The Bridge of Chan-Chou V. The Eight Immortals [9:10]
  6. Ehecatl [1:56]MP3 soundclip of Ehecatl [0:30]
  7. Receiving the Approaching Spirit [4:19]
  8. The Healing Stick of Cabeza de Vaca [13:21]
  9. Gender Lament [3:42]MP3 soundclip of Gender lament [3:00]
  10. A Shaman in Pursuit of Chabui’s Image [8:06]
  11. Departure [1:49]

With Steve Roach. Combination of traditional ethnic instruments with modern electronic instruments and techniques

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