Forrest Fang – Letters To The Farthest Star


Released: 2015 By Projekt

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  1. The Unreachable Lands – i. [2:01]
  2. The Unreachable Lands – ii. Song of the [3:45]
  3. The Unreachable Lands – iii. Water [6:55]
  4. The Unreachable Lands – iv. [5:59]
  5. Burnt [11:30]
  6. Veldt [8:02]
  7. Fossils06:14
  8. Seven [7:20]
  9. Lorenz06:32
  10. Lines to [10:33]

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2 reviews for Forrest Fang – Letters To The Farthest Star

  1. Richard Grtler / Bratislava, Slovakia

    As usual for this Chinese-American master of electro-acoustic world/ambient soundsculpting, it’s almost impossible to list all the instruments he uses during the recording sessions in his Hangar studio in Berkeley. This inventory is as much broad as it is exotically-fragranced and it’s quite obvious that I won’t be able to exactly recognize them in each particular composition. But what I am 100% sure is that Forrest Fang virtuosically utilizes every single instrument in his hands with his innate mastery and passion. Spellbindingly rewarding journey from 2012 entitled Animism” still deeply resonates

  2. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Although very far from the style of usual ambient music, the music of Forrest Fang wears a unique cachet with this fusion of ambient Folk to perfumes of East. As much comfortable with a range of oriental acoustic instruments (on The Unreachable Lands” Turkish Lute

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