Frank Ayers – Crossroads


Released: 2017 By PWM Distribution

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  1. Greenwich
  2. Shibuya
  3. El Raval
  4. King’s Cross
  5. Biscayne
  6. Hayes Valley
  7. Mont Royal
  8. Nanjing
  9. Brandenburg

Great Electronic music in the style of the 80’s synth music

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1 review for Frank Ayers – Crossroads

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    It’s always a little bit daring to present an opus, no matter the musical genre, where short pieces are nesting, especially in a genre like EM where musical permutations and the twists toward rhythms are the food for more sophisticated ears, for more open minds and above all more starving of sounds and tones. Bands such as Yes, Genesis and, closer to EM style, Tangerine Dream have upset the habits of their legions of fans, while many have left their musical ships. For his third album, Frank Ayers decided to take up this risky bet by presenting 9 musical reflections on various parks in different cities where he set foot. Sharing his structures between very melodic rhythms and atmospheric textures stuffed with melodious elements which get tie easily to our soul, the French synthesist, known for his very classical approach, signs here an album whose audacity in his change of orientation is not without remember a certain Le Parc from Tangerine Dream. Even that some links of similarity bring the themetics of these 2 albums closer.

    This last trip of Frank Ayers begins with multilayers of cosmic waves from which come out layers of astral voices which get embrace and merge under the songs of stars and sediments of prisms. It’s like a moonlit evening where the tranquility of the areas can be heard in the very orchestral texture of Greenwich”. This slow movement

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