Frank Klare – Digitalic

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Released: 2007 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Digitalic One [17:34]MP3 soundclip of Digitalic one [3:00]
  2. Digitalic Two [8:10]
  3. Digitalic Three [10:57]MP3 soundclip of Digitalic three [3:00]
  4. Digitalic Four [10:08]
  5. Digitalic Five [12:48]MP3 soundclip of Digitalic five [3:00]
  6. Digitalic Six [16:53]

Cosmic soundscapes and hypnotic sequences. With Ron Boots

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4 reviews for Frank Klare – Digitalic

  1. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

    La boucle est boucle. Avec Digitalic, Frank KLARE complte son Analogic sorti en 1999. A la diffrence qu la douceur et aux courbes des sonorits analogiques rpondent une musique extrmement dure, syncope, agressive, qui napporte aucun rpit lattention de lauditeur. La plupart des morceaux sont construits comme un mille-feuille o chaque paisseur est une boucle qui senchevtre avec celles du dessus et du dessous mais sans former un quelconque brouhaha. Chaque squence, quelle soit de son ou de percussion, reste distincte, et lauditeur peut suivre le morceau en saccrochant lune ou lautre avec un plaisir jouissif.

    Cerise sur le gteau, lhomme tout faire du label Groove, Ron Boots, est de la fte pour les deux derniers morceaux dun album qui en compte six. Mais le talent de Klare est dj bien l par lui-mme et le mastering de Boots na de but que de sublimer la musique de lAllemand. Un must, ce trimestre!

    2010. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

  2. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Digitalic is the conclusion of Analogic re released in 1999 and re edited in 2005. Like Analogic, Frank Klare proposes six titles, but instead of the softness and the spiritual undulation of the analog, Digitalic is of an extreme musical hardness where numeric and the complexity of the emotions are masters.

    Digitalic One opens the work with a short harmonious reflection in own way of intro. A light melodious sequential loop bores with minimalism docility. Gradually, a line of bass is installing on hypnotic cymbalistic percussions. The sound universe is rich and dense, when that cold slapping of a metal percussion animates the track of a hyper digital bound, giving to Digitalic One an unusual musical strength and deep, dressed of a dense synthetic armour, which superimposes musical minimalism layers, creating a sound intoxication which finds its fierce in the echotic mode of interposed modules. A superb title that introduces an album to the limits of an artistic paradox.
    Nervous and hypertensive, Digitalic Two goes down as a reversed spiral where the notes multiply in an insane race. A little as a frenzied runs after its tail, convinced to be guided by strange metallic voices.
    Part three and four are superb approaches of current Berlin School with a breath of long ago, pointing out analog intoxications. Frank Klare multiplies loops inter laced, in a minimalism symphony puffed up of short synthetic jumps which are lost in a stylized cacophony where harmony finds a chaotic road of a very conclusive digital coldness.
    We feel Ron Boots touch on Digitalic Five and Six. If the first is a superb hypnotic procession, worthy of Steve Roach great tribal moments, the second is laborious on a beautiful bass sequence which undulates a hesitant tempo, on suave eclectic breaths of an aboriginal heat. A title with discrete percussions, which defines more the vision of these two artists, on a growing rhythm and Wrapping synth.

    Digitalic is a two shutters album; the first part of Frank Klare is an immense sensory flood where the coldness is coated to a strange feeling of latent schizophrenia cause of the incredible spirals which overhang this portion.
    The second part, with Ron Boots, is completely its opposite. Giving to Digitalic a unique character which combines insanity and serenity on superb minimalism alloys.
    A powerful album which depicts the strong influences of Frank Klare and Ron Boots on the marvellous world of EM.

    2007. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  3. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    What an amazing CD this is. The first time I listened was on my iPod, on a noontime run across Portlands downtown bridges in the midday sun.

    The steady hypnotic beat and mesmerizing sequences of Digitalic One” were perfect

  4. Roberto Vales / Ultima Fronteira

    Nuevo trabajo de Frank Klare, un disco compuesto entre el ao 2003 y el 2007 y en el cuenta con la colaboracin en los temas cinco y seis de Ron Boots. Este disco es el sucesor de Analogic” y sirve para cerrar un ciclo (msica analgica msica digital).
    “Digitalic” sigue el estilo musical iniciado en “Analogic”

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