Frank Van Bogaert – Closer

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Released: 2004 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Ouverture to Closer [1:42]
  2. Good Morning Song [3:18]
  3. Coming Up For Air [6:03]
  4. Closer [4:49]MP3 soundclip of Closer [3:00]
  5. A Picture Of You [3:51]
  6. Melting [5:27]MP3 soundclip of Melting [3:00]
  7. High Above [3:03]
  8. Dans (da:ns) [5:09]
  9. Europe’s Dawn [7:30]MP3 soundclip of Europe`s dawn [3:00]
  10. Falling Leaves [3:18]
  11. Caleidoscope [6:10]
  12. Rorogwela [3:10]
  13. Sweetness [5:41]
  14. Night Brings Silence [4:17]

Traces of Vangelis but much in a style of his own

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9 reviews for Frank Van Bogaert – Closer

  1. Jeff Wouters / Belgium

    Bought a lot of new cd’s at e-live this year,all of them very good, but this one is teasing me. I’ve already played it 3 times and I just can’t get enough of it,especially the track Dans”

  2. Artemi Pugachov

    The title track has some sequenced synths and rich sounds at the beginning. It then incorporates a nice piano melody (very much in the style of Vangelis). It’s a rhythmic / melodic track that involves some modern elements, such as the rhythm itself. Typical Frank Van Bogaert in his composed” mode. Some voices can also be heard. Overall

  3. Stephan Schelle / EMU

    Der belgische Vangelis

  4. Hector Jordan

    Frank van Bogaert practise powerful and commercial arguments with a very good basis, both in the rhythmical and melodic aspects.
    The style of the compositions is for the most part near to Atmospheric Pop and to New Instrumental Music. Although several of the pieces have rather fast rhythms, others are more relaxed in nature. There also are some pieces of a clear romantic flair, such as High above”.
    “Melting” is a romantic-symphonic theme of an unusual majesty.

    2004. Hector Jordan

  5. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2004 features 64 minutes of masterful electronic music.
    Belgian composer van Bogaert has a way of transforming synthesizer melodies into epic constructions that bristle with majestic proportion. Even his simpler compositions seem to evoke a grandeur that parts the clouds to reveal a panorama of optimism.

    Stately keyboards dominate this music with a peppering of pleasant percussion. Serious piano and expansive electronics blend with heavenly atmospherics to create delicate passages that stir the soul with their tender melodies, imparting a gentle yearning with idyllic flair. For the most part, demonstrative outbursts play a minor role; this music flourishes in more sedate territory, exploring a gentler, more human side of electronic tuneage. Regal touches elevate even the most trivial excerpt, however, injecting a sense of importance to each note.The emotional focus of this music examines nature and humanitys coexistence with the world. Van Bogaerts compositions evoke an innocence that softly merges mankind with its environment, often exemplifying the adage that observation makes one a part of the scrutinized circumstance.

    Fans of classic Vangelis will enjoy this release.One of the tracks utilizes a traditional melody originally from the Solomon Islands, the same one used by Deep Forest and Jan Gabarek on their popular recordings.

    2005. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  6. Jorge Sergio Iglesias

    The music of Belgian composer Frank Van Bogaert has always fascinated me.
    Ever since the first time I listened to Geographic” (his second album)

  7. Bill Binkelman / USA

    Closer represents a slightly new direction from keyboard artist Frank Van Bogaert, as he moves into an even more accessible and more dramatic arena than his previous CD, Human. Personally, I miss some of the more overt EM elements that enriched Human, but I must admit that Closer has many moments that made me turn up the volume or hit the repeat” button on my CD player. There is no denying this man has an incredible knack for crafting catchy instrumental music

  8. Michael Foster

    Closer is Frank Van Bogaerts 5th release and another gem in a series of releases that began back in 1998 with Colours. This CD really sparkles as Frank shows off his keyboard skills and his ability to create great grooves with depth and feeling. The music on this CD is a mixed bag and moves easily from the up tempo tracks that bounce to atmospheric tracks that offer the listener a relaxing place to hang out and drift away. Frank manages to do this without having jagged cuts from one style to another which allows the listener to move smoothly through the entire CD.

    There are quite a number of tracks on this release with 14 songs that run for 6417 which gives the listener a rather nice variety of music to choose from all in one package. Some highlights that should provide listeners with more than enough reason to pick up this CD include the title track Closer that comes out with a synth beat that drives the song forward and some keyboards that give it a down to earth feel at the same time.
    Having been a fan of Deep Forests 1st CD

  9. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    If you liked Frank Van Bogaerts previous albums, Closer is sure to captivate as well. For those not in the know, the title track should bring you quickly up to speed with its appealing rhythm, melody and varied sound palette.

    Coming up for air” features a soft sequencer pattern

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