Frank Van Bogaert – Colours

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Released: 1997 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Amber [5:48]MP3 soundclip of Amber [3:10]
  2. Green [4:03]
  3. Blue [4:38]MP3 soundclip of Blue [3:00]
  4. Indigo [4:11]
  5. Red [4:11]
  6. Grey [5:48]
  7. White [2:43]
  8. Orange [5:03]
  9. Magenta [2:30]
  10. Brown [6:47]
  11. Violet [5:24]MP3 soundclip of Violet [3:00]
  12. Black [5:18]

Ambient synth. Style: Deep Forest/Enigma

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4 reviews for Frank Van Bogaert – Colours

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Groove has been reissuing a fair number of classics lately. Colours was Frank Van Bogaerts first CD, and it is the only one that, up to now, I had not heard.

    Without having gone further than the opening track Amber”

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This CD from 2004 is a reissue of Van Bogaerts rare debut release from 1997. It features 56 minutes of energetic electronic music.

    Rapid-delivery chords and frenetic e-perc make the listener sit up and take notice with the CDs initial track. This attraction does not fade as the music continues. With each subsequent track, van Bogaert draws you in with captivating melodies and an engaging performance.
    Lavish keyboards generate enticing soundscapes that are rich with vibrant emotion. Notes are born to evolve into splendid chords that mingle to produce dramatic melodies. Background textures expertly establish atmospheric foundations for these more demonstrative expressions. Clever embellishments flesh out an already generously endowed harmonic presence.
    Versatile e-perc contributes driving force to each song, adding pep and flavor to the already powerful disposition. The rhythms are enthralling and compelling, refusing to allow the audience to sit still. One might not be impelled to get up and dance, but there is strong inducement to bob and sway along with the inventive tempos.
    Mixing ambient, ethnic, Native American, and pop roots, van Bogaert compresses all these elements together with his discerning talent, transmuting influences into fresh sonic entities with his hyper sequences and inventive samples.

    2004. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  3. Jim Brenholts

    Like most paintings and photographs have an emphasis on a certain colour,each track on this album has a distinct atmosphere, primary to the melodies and rhythms.I consider them no more than Musical Paintings.”You should listen to this recording in a comfortable way.Frank VanBogaert wrote that in 1997 for the liner notes for “(the start of his) electronic career” (as Kees Aerts states it) – Colours.

    Groove Unlimited has re-issued this electronic tour-de-force as electronic music enters a golden age. It is a very appropriate release for 2004

  4. Manuel Montes / Amazing Sounds

    Frank calls his work ambient synthesizer music”

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