Free System Projekt – Okefenokee 2000


Released: 2007 By Victor J. Rek

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  1. Cottage #3 [13:11]
  2. Billy’s Island [15:31]
  3. Ibis Flight [11:21]
  4. In Search Of The Big Alligator [3:59]
  5. Robot Foraging At 3AM In The Okefenokee [7:00]
  6. Sounds From A Southern Marshland [8:42]
  7. A Night At The Museum (Evening Edit) [16:10]

Live 2000 with Dave Brewer

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1 review for Free System Projekt – Okefenokee 2000

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    One of my favorite EM albums ever is the original release of Okefenokee Dreams from 2000, featuring four lengthy slabs of glorious Berlin school improvisation, the first of several Tangerine Dream inspired concerts played before small gatherings in the middle of the Okefenokee swamp. This new version is slightly rearranged and edited, and features some new material.

    Cottage #3″ is 26 seconds shorter but none the worse for it. I had become quite accustomed to the mellotron strings swooping in loudly on “Ibis Flight” after the long slow fade of “Cottage #3

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