Fryderyk Jona – Init Mind


Released: 2015 By Jona

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  1. Init Mind I [23:05]
  2. Init Mind II [23:18]

Berlin School in the style of Schulze around 2000!! Recommended!!

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1 review for Fryderyk Jona – Init Mind

  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synthse

    I received this Init Mind at the same time as Electronic Ballad at the end of 2015. And if I remember well, I had been seduced as much at the listening of this 3rd solo album of Fryderyk Jona as with Electronic Ballad. At that time, and its always like that anyway, my desk was full, and my PC even more, of albums to be chronicled. Months have spent and one day I listened to Init Mind. I was blown again! I had to talk about it. But when? And then I receive Warm Sequencing last month. The occasion is thus quite dreamed to speak to you about an album that I would have had to speak to you in 2015. And here is why

    After some seconds of dark ambiences, a sequencer movement launches a lively and fluid line of rhythm with a delicately jerky flow. A wave of bass warms the atmospheres while jingles as well as charming effects of percussions give a little more relief to these crystalline sequences and to a rhythm which shines of beautiful ele ctronic effects. On these hybrid oscillations, the chants of the synth borrow a style of cosmic Funk, a little as Klaus Schulze in his Dreams era. Conjugating the art of the minimalism marvellously, Fryderyk Jona shows talent and control by adding to Init Mind I” all the fineries of the EM of the 90s on a structure which also frees perfumes of the analog era. Pulsations of bass drum

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