Fryderyk Jona – Warm Sequencing


Released: 2016 By Jona

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  1. Warm sequencing I
  2. Warm sequencing II
  3. Warm sequencing III

A great mix of Berlin School and modern electronic music, Recommended!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Three long minimalist structures of which the sweet evolutions are filled with the perfumes of the In Blue album from Klaus Schulze, Warm Sequencing continues where Init Mind had escorted the very beautiful Electronic Ballad.

    Cosmic rustles and astral moods open Warm Sequencing I”. Layers of voices soaked of celestial poetry and an intergalactic fog float on sizzling and tremulous chords. The effect of jerks of these chords sounds like worn out vuvuzelas. Quietly

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