Future World Orchestra – Hidden files (2nd hand like new)


Released: 2000 By Groove Unlimited
Condition: 2nd hand

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  1. Games [4:12]MP3 soundclip of Games [3:00]
  2. Running Water [4:28]MP3 soundclip of Running Water [3:00]
  3. Devining-rod [3:36]
  4. Solar Eclipse [2:01]
  5. Resurrection of the Phoenix [1:03]
  6. The Beagle [4:44]
  7. After the Rain [4:46]
  8. The Jungle [3:49]MP3 soundclip of The jungle [3:00]
  9. Origin of Species [5:06]
  10. The Galaxy [2:19]
  11. Echoes [3:42]
  12. Crickets Theme [7:39]
  13. Atmosphere [4:24]
  14. Mountains [6:11]

New music from this legendary Dutch group from the 80’s

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7 reviews for Future World Orchestra – Hidden files (2nd hand like new)

  1. Robert Pot

    The Hidden Files (Some additional words):
    At the end of 1999 I decided to commit myself to start with new recording-projects from the year 2000 on. Until this moment I was involved in various multimedia productions as a director/developer/cameraman/musician. I strongly felt the desire to start new CD-projects and stuff. Therefore I gave up my regular work I just mentioned, just to concentrate on the new projects.
    The Hidden Files” consist of some material I recorded during the period of 1990 until 1999. I strongly felt these tracks should have “a right” to go public

  2. Kees Aerts

    I’m extremely proud that this famous band from the 80’s has choosen our label to release their new CD. I think that everybody in the Netherlands can still remember their hits Desire”

  3. Phil Derby / Sequences Magazine

    Amazingly catchy electronic pop tunes with more melodic hooks than you can shake a stick at. This is the work of one Robert Pot, a.k.a. Futureworld Orchestra. His music is filled with bright, colorful keyboards in lush arrangements. He says his hero is Tony Banks from Genesis, which is apparent throughout, though emusic fans will also catch wisps of Jarre (cue up the opener, Games”) and latter day Tangerine Dream as well. A range of emotions is demonstrated. “The Beagle” sounds surprisingly majestic

  4. Bill Binkelman

    The Hidden Files is a solid and enjoyable collection of EM that features both TD/Berlin-school songs as well as a more progressive rock-ish sound and even some more neo-classical melodic-sounding works as well. All of it is excellent and I had a good time every time I played the disc.
    Robert Pot is the man behind Future World Orchestra and this is an album of various pieces he composed during the span of years from 1990 to 1999. His previous recorded work with F.W.O. was as a duo back in the 80s, but this is all just Robert. Based on how good this sounds, Im glad he has re-emerged.

    The Hidden Files starts off with three winners! Games” is a midtempo bouncy number

  5. Serge Kozlovsky

    The Dutch company Groove Unlimited again pleases it’s fans by it’s new project of qualitative electronic music.Author of the idea and implementation of this project is Robert Pot. In fact Future World Orchestra was born more than 20 years ago, when Robert Pot together with Gerto Heupink started to record the electronic music which quickly become easily recognizable and popular in Europe. The heyday of Future World Orchestra creativity is the period of 1982 1985 years, when the duet had created several European hits, working at the board of electronic music and symphonic pop. And it isn’t occasional, because the art of Tony Banks from the legendary Genesis was the greatest source of inspiration of Robert Pot. By the way, at middle 80’s Future World Orchestra often took part in various TV shows.

    In the 90’s Robert Pot had left the active work with Future World Orchestra and concentrated on composing music for radio and TV, and also creating various multimedia products.
    His instrumental compositions were included in the collection Darwin, The Evolution , where also participated such great stars as Ian Gillan, Colin Blunstone from Alan Parsons Project , Falco, Suzi Quattro and Barclay James Harvest . Four of Robert’s compositions from that album are also present in The Hidden Files.

    With this new project Pot comes back to his fans after a long break. The music of The Hidden Files is strong-willed and assertive. And in addition to it, the music is very melodic. It reminds me the best themes of Christopher Franke. Full of nostalgia for 80’s, the music of Robert Pot is adopted to contemporary standards. And there is dramaturgy and feeling of flight in it. That’s for sure related to Robert’s passion to flying. It’s written at the album cover that he’s studying to get the pilot license (probably he has got it already!) And his hobby adds space to the music, flaring the measures. As if you can see earth from above and feel fluent planing in air stream over your habitual world, and that world seems to be so toy and calm!

    Some of compositions I like more than others. I’d like to select the sweeping Running Water and deeply melodic The Eagle and The Galaxy. No doubt that every listener will find the favorite themes for himself in The Hidden Files.

    I would like to wish with all my heart Robert Pot to continue successfully his work and to create new masterpieces. And now we can take a dip in the optimistic air dreams of The Hidden Files . It turns not to be dark at all that beginning future world!

    2001. Serge Kozlovsky

  6. Patrick Van de Wiele

    Eind 1999 besliste Pot om vanaf het nieuwe jaar met nieuwe opnameprojecten te beginnen. Tot dan toe was hij bezig geweest alsregisseur/ontwerper/cameraman/muzikant in verschillende multimedia projecten. Hij voelde de nood om nieuwe cds te maken, enThe Hidden Files bestaat uit materiaal dat hij in de periode 1990 tot 1999 opnam. Hij wou de tracks op de markt brengen, omdat ze hem waardevol schenen.

    The Hidden Files opent met het ritmische Games, dat onmiddellijk aan Future World Orchestra doet denken. Melodieuze, symfonische synthesizers.
    Running Water drijft op elektronische beats als jets op het water, en heeft wel iets weg van Jan Hammers werk voor Miami Vice.
    Devining-rod is complexer, bouwt langzaam op, tot een elektrische gitaar alles overheerst.
    Solar Eclipse en Resurrection Of The Phoenix zijn twee kortere interludiums.
    Het kwartet The Beagle, After The Rain, The Jungle en Origin Of Species komt dus uit Darwin, The Evolution en is veel majestueuzer van opzet.
    Op The Beagle hoor je de zee en de meeuwen, maar After the Rain bevat meer energie.
    Op The Jungle klinken tamtams en lokale gezangen, en Origin Of Species klinkt la Vangelis.
    Daarna volgen weer andere songs, zoals The Galaxy, dat ingetogener klinkt.
    Echoes is gedrevener, met saxofoon op de achtergrond.
    Crickets Theme is een ode aan de krekels, en tevens de langste track.
    Atmosphere is voor mij de miskleun, terwijl Mountains in een grootse sfeer afsluit.

    Balans: een mooi staalkaartje van Pots creativiteit! In de tekst op de cd schrijft Pot dat hij in 2000 aan het werk was aan nieuwe songs voor Future World Orchestra. Horen we van hem nog iets? Spijtig, maar Pot zelf was niet bereikbaar.

    2005. Patrick Van de Wiele

  7. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    Where to begin? When I first heard this masterpiece (after actually downloading the album), I was really blown away by the incredible and versatile sound experience that was coming out of my speakers. And as a 80’s synth fan myself, I knew I was in for a treat!.
    On this disc you will find it ALL(!). This is Electronic music at it’s peak of performance. There are so many great tunes on here, ranging from slower, more emotionally driven tunes, to the more rhythmic and fast paced ones in which many of them includes lush electric guitars played immaculate!.
    I’m in awe each time I listen to this CD, and it hasn’t let me down so far, and I’ve listened to it countless of times.There is something for everybody who’s into electronic music on the disc. It can tell though that FWO has been inspired a lot by Tangerine Dream from the mid to late 80’s in terms of melody quality and structure. It could also be compared to Christopher Franke‘s album ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ as it really sounds (at times) it could have been done by him.

    But whatever you do, don’t hesitate to pick this gem up before it’s too late. It’s a roller coaster ride through many aspects of the EM ‘scene’, and with so many different tunes to choose from, this is an album that has a great re-playability factor. Especially for lovers of mid to late 80’s electronic sounding music.

    2009. Kristian Persson / Sweden

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