Gandalf – Between earth and sky


Released: 2003 By Real Music

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  1. Just A Heartbeat Away [6:46]
  2. Echoes From Ancient Dreams [5:31]
  3. The Blessing [6:28]
  4. Stardust Dreams [7:43]
  5. Dreamcatcher [2:49]
  6. Voice In The Wind [4:07]
  7. Peaceful Heart [4:24]
  8. A Seagull’s Tale [6:24]
  9. Shine On Full Moon [5:15]
  10. Love Is The Answer [4:41]
  11. Along The Milky Way [5:19]
  12. Floating Down The Silent Stream [6:52]

Sampler with tracks from 5 Sattva albums

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2 reviews for Gandalf – Between earth and sky

  1. Gandalf

    All tracks of BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY have been previously released on SATTVA MUSIC in Germany, it is a sensitive blend of some of the most beautiful tracks extracted from five different albums.

    2003. Gandalf

  2. Han Koelemeijer / The Netherlands

    I first met Gandalf‘s music when I was about 21 years of age, it was 1980 and I was visiting a discoshop which was run by a married couple who were about 65 years of age.
    The albums they had in their shop were rare indeed and absolutely difficult to find elsewhere. Here I found my first album from Gandalf”
    I could not know at that moment

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