Gandalf – Dreamweaver


Released: 2013 By A-Train / Real Music

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  1. Into The Rising Sun – Part 1 [3:15]
  2. Into The Rising Sun – Part 2 [7:47]
  3. Reaching For The Sky [8:56]
  4. Between Ebb And Flow [7:14]
  5. Dreamweaver [6:25]
  6. Shining Like A Jewel [6:24]
  7. Life’s Blossoms [5:44]
  8. Written In The Stars – Part 1 [5:36]
  9. Written In The Stars – Part 2 [8:19]

Threads of guitar, flutes, Irish whistles, cello, piano, percussion and atmospheric wizardry seemlessly blend into an enchanting harmony that is unmistakably Gandalfian.

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  1. Dan Cowan / Music Design

    Much like the fictional wizard that shares his namesake, Gandalf (Austrian composer/musician Heinz Strobl) is an artist capable of weaving magic. Though in Strobls case, it is through his beautiful, whimsical melodies.

    Dreamweaver, Gandalf’s new 2013 endeavor, immerses the listener in a set of lovely compositions that are rich in diverse instrumentation and flowing moods, creating the perfect space for relaxation. From the get go, the album takes flight on the wings of tranquility, with the cascading piano tones and pleasant flute wanderings of Into the Rising Sun – Part 1 providing a taste of what’s to come. On Part 2, we get our first introduction to the cello, which later shines brightly on the concerto-like Between Ebb and Flow. Sentimental piano and the bright tones of the Irish whistle make the closing two-part Written in the Stars” another highlight.

    Dreamweaver is pure enchantment

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