Gandalf – Eartheana


Released: 2023 By Prudence

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1 Eartheana – Overture 3:19
2 North America – Somewhere In The West 3:22
3 Earth Theme I 0:55
4 Africa – Caravan Under A Desert Sky 10:44
5 Earth Theme II 1:44
6 Asia – Tracing Ancient Sacred Lines 8:26
7 Earth Theme III 1:34
8 Europe – Floating Along The Danube 7:12
9 Earth Theme IV 1:08
10 South America – Across The Andes 8:54
11 Earth Theme V 1:19
12 Australia – Dreamtime Traveller 7:10
13 Eartheana Reprise 1:40
14 Atlantis – Legend From A Lost Civilization I 5:23
15 Atlantis – Legend From A Lost Civilization II 7:22

Total: 70:12

On his new CD, an Earth Symphony, Gandlaf surpasses himself. His work has often been inspired by the music of other cultures. This time he takes us on a journey around the planet. He dedicates a piece to each continent, incorporating characteristic stylistic elements. As a recurring leitmotif, a manifoldly arranged earth theme connects the individual pieces into a large overall work.
Gandalf sees music as a universal language that connects people all over the world without the need for translation. His listeners, spread over all continents, are proof of this.
The artist worked on the production for almost two years in his Mali Raj studio in Krems an der Donau. Thus the Danube, which flows through large parts of our continent, also stands in the composition as a symbol for Europe.

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