Gandalf – Lotus land


Released: 2007 By Real Music

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  1. A Seed Dreaming Inside [6:27]
  2. Life is Love [7:06]
  3. Where the Heart Finds a Home [6:40]
  4. Love Opens the Gates [7:05]
  5. Just a Glimpse of Paradise [4:14]
  6. Mystic Voyage [7:11]
  7. A Heavenly Gift [4:22]
  8. The Lotus Unfolds [5:10]
  9. Waves of Delight [7:57]

From the depth of the heart

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1 review for Gandalf – Lotus land

  1. Peter Segaar / The Netherlands

    What can one say after more than 25 years of astonishing music for which there will never be an equivalent, a category, or whatever non-fitting box human beings would like to put in this music for the mind?
    Gandalf has, from his very start, so long ago, taken me with his travels through the depths of my soul. His music has always been enormously appealing, never boring, and frequently surprising. Each time I listen to his CD’s, and the mind is ready for it, the joy for life blooms. What a gift this man has in his fingers and in his mind producing such a god-given music…

    Again, with Lotus Land, Heinz Strobl has shot right into the middle of my heart. Again, my mind is drifting into eternity. The sweetness of this mega composition is like sweat honey dripping right from the tropical rain forest into my thirsty mouth. The impact is astonishing.Only for the almost 8 minutes duration of the brilliant final, for which no words can be found, this CD must be in every rock, sympho, synthi, or new age collection. The waves of delight” are shivering down my spine

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