Gandalf – To another horizon


Released: 2016 By Esoteric

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  1. March Of No Reason (incl. “The Falling Star”) [7:17]
  2. Natural Forces Getting Out Of Control (incl. “Wind, Rain, Thunder and Fire”) [10:16]
  3. Requiem for a Planet [5:14]
  4. Flight Of The Crystal Ships [4:32]
  5. To Another Horizon “The Divine Message [2:27]
  6. To Another Horizon “Change of Consciousness” [5:54]
  7. To Another Horizon “Creation of a New World” [3:29]
  8. Cosmic Balance [4:40]
  9. Peace Without End [4:58]

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  1. Heiko Heerssen / Germany

    Another wonderful album by Gandalf. What he released in the 80s is absolutely faultless, fantastic instrumental music which never falls into the meaningless new age” category. Instead it’s a perfect blend between acoustic and electronic music. Think of Mike Oldfield meets Tangerine Dream

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