Gert Emmens – Memories

 8,90 11,90

Released: 2012 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Flight Into Nostalgia [6:12]
  2. When Dreams Come True [8:36]
  3. One With Nature [6:48]
  4. Caught In Despair [10:09]
  5. Evocation – parts 1, 2 and 3 [7:43]
  6. Daydreaming [9:26]
  7. Waves Of Dreams – part 2 [8:49]
  8. Lost In Memories [8:24]
  9. Thoughts Of You [11:35]

Theis is the first Gert Emmens Project CD. Gert explores the boundaries between EM and progressive Rock. A wonderful mix of powerful songs! For those not afraid of something different.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    The rhythm is unbridled. Disheveled, but brief, it tumbles in 4 seconds with airs of UK (period Bozon). A small acoustic guitar is scratching a shadow of synthesized silence and Gert Emmens sits astride Flight into Nostalgia” of a delicate rhythmic ride where prog and EM merges on the strikings of pale percussions. Gert Emmens who does in prog! I have to admit that his project (Gert Emmens Project) has frightened me a bit. So much that I asked a friend (thank you Nick Adam) for his first impressions (he is a fan of prog) on this Memories from the brilliant Dutch synthesist. He liked it well. Making even a link with a group of the 80s

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