Gert Emmens – Outland

 9,90 11,90

Released: By Groove Unlimited


  1. A First Encounter [13:00]
  2. Discovery Of The Lost Civilization [13:38]
  3. The Temple On The Sacred Mountain [13:20]
  4. Return Of The Warrior [11:18]
  5. Exploration Flights Over Forbidden Area’s [18:47]
  6. Departure 6 AM [7:48]

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    There is a history of camaraderie, of intimacy which binds the music of Gert Emmens to the soul, to the senses and to the ears of his fans. Since the dawn of his career, his music, and especially this sound, has weaved a link of complicity with his admirers. An indissoluble link which gets stronger since Wanderer of Time and which increases up to The Day After’s territories. Even if sometimes Gert goes out of a comfort zone by knitting his musical stories in the nets of the progressive music (Memories in 2012) and of the ambient music (Signs in 2014). Outland is a story of science fiction told in music with these movements of sequences which sculpture these delicate permutations of the floating rhythms unique to Gert Emmens’ style and with these synths which flood our ears with breezes tinted of nostalgia. Written on the heels of Signs, we clearly perceive here the roots and the ambient influences, this last Gert Emmens’ album receives the collaboration of Ruud Heij who co wrote two tracks.

    Some sonic cracklings generate a thick cloud of reverberations from where escapes a warm movement of sequences which makes dance its keys weakly. Another line of bass sequences lifts up the structure of ambient rhythm of A First Encounter” which zigzags

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