Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij – Mysterious Events


Released: 2024 By Gert Emmens / Ruud Heij
Condition: Unreleased
Expected: March 2024

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Expected: March 2024

CD 1
Track 1: Roswell Incident 17:43
Track 2: The Mohenjo Daro Disaster 14:53
Track 3: Marfa Lights 10:08
Track 4: The Philadelphia Experiment 27:24

CD 2
Track 1: Bermuda Triangle 73:01

CD 3
Track 1: The Tunguska Event 12:65
Track 2: Hector Cloud 12:05
Track 3: Vanished Island Of Bermeja 14:38
Track 4: The Sagitarius Signal 14:28
Track 5: Crop Cirlces 05:20

For all pre-orders (until release which is epected end March!!)
we have a small special surprise!!
We will add for free a CD from Gert Emmens from his early Groove years for free.
Check out the catalog and pick any of his release until 2015 and add that in the comments in your order and we will add it for free!!
Check the Groove site for the CD’s.

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